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December Recap & 2014 Wrap-up – Jeremy Hensley Edition

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At the start of 2014, I began tracking each and every cigar I have smoked. Well, I may have missed one or two. Based on discussions I’ve seen on Twitter and questions on this site and others, I decided to compile some information that I thought you might find interesting.

December Recap

Number of Cigars Smoked: 23

Of those smoked:

  • Purchased: 12 or 52%
  • Gifted: 4 or 17%
  • Samples Provided: 7 or 30%

Of those purchased:

  • Brick & Mortar: 7 or 58%
  • Online: 5 or 42%

2014 Totals

Number of Cigars Smoked: 384

Of those smoked:

  • Purchased: 201 or 52.3%
  • Samples Provided: 90 or 23.4%
  • Gifted: 77 or 20.1%
  • Traded: 16 or 4.2%

Of those purchased:

  • Brick & Mortar: 95 or 47%
  • Online: 106 or 53%

Top 10 Cigars of 2014

December Cigar Reviews

Tatuaje Seleccion de Cazador (Brown Label) Lancero

In my opinion, the Tatuaje Brown Label really found its groove in the middle third and kept the groove all the way to the very end of the 7 1/2 inch cigar. If you are looking for the most complex cigar, you will not find it here. But if you are looking for a cigar that showcases satisfying, balanced flavors for over an hour and 20 minutes, this is a cigar that should be high on the list.

Tatuaje Selection De Cazador Lancero

Sindicato Cigars – Sindicato Maduro

The Sindicato Maduro carries a premium price tag of just under $13, but it is completely justified by the experience received. The buttery flavor and texture of the smoke sat easy on the palate meshing well with the toasted popcorn and pepper spice, rounded out by the ever-evolving sweetness. From the first third to the very end, the flavors were right around the full arena complimenting the medium/full strength

Sindicato - Sindicato Maduro (Middle)

Crux Cigar Company – Crux Classic

It is hard enough to release one excellent cigar, it is even harder when it is your first year of business as a manufacturer, and it is almost impossible to release more than one exceptional cigar in your first year of business. Crux Cigars has done the impossible. The Crux Classic adds a new dimension to their already quality line-up. This is is an easy box purchase in my book.

Crux Cigars - Classic

Tony’s Reviews

Drew Estate – Norteno by Willy Herrera

The Norteno is probably one of the more unique blends in his portfolio. The Norteno is complex, yet super balanced which is something Willy is known for. The flavors are very complimentary and enjoyable yet very bold in this blend. The price may be a bit steep but I personally wouldn’t mind paying the coin to include the Norteno in my daily rotation especially with the box count of 10 which makes it much easily to pull the trigger on.

La Palina Goldie Laguito Especial

It’s easy to see just want I love the Goldie series. They are incredible cigars from the packaging and construction down to the burn experience and the amazing flavor profile. In comparison to the No. 2 I’d say the Laguito Especial is rather similar. If anything I think the flavors were slightly more pronounced in the No. 2, but other than that they preformed the same and that’s a good thing cause the Laguito Especial lasted quite a while longer than the fast burning No. 2.

Guest Reviews by Jeff Oda

Bodega Premium Blends – Reunion Aperitivo

I smoked each of the sizes and this was by far my favorite, although the others were very nice in their own right.  The corona gorda just brought a better concentration of flavors to the table while not throwing off the balance at all.  Add to that ideal construction, burn and draw, and this makes for a cigar that I can easily recommend to anyone, even taking into account what would normally be for me a somewhat borderline price, which will certainly not deter me from getting my hands on more of these.

Bodega Premium Blends – Digestivo

The Bodega Reunion Digestivo proved to be an enjoyable smoke despite the initial tough draw.  The double robusto I smoked previously also had a fairly snug draw; not as tight as the toro, but still a little more effort inducing than I prefer.  Although I have not yet lit up the corona gorda, the unlit draw on it seems to be perfectly normal, so I would have to chalk up the tight draws on the others as a bit of an anomaly, especially since I experienced nothing of the sort with the Aperitivos I had.  Once I got past that, though, the flavors took off.

2014 Cigar Reviews

A.J. Fernandez – Mayimbe 
A.J. Fernandez – San Lotano Bull
A.J. Fernandez – San Lotano Oval Maduro
Agio Cigars – Balmoral Royal Selection Anejo 18
Alec Bradley – Black Market Filthy Hooligan
Asylum Cigars – Asylum 13 Ogre
Asylum Cigars – Asylum 13 “99 Problems” Lancero
Black Label Trading Company – Last Rites
Bodega Premium Blends – Reunion Aperitivo
Bodego Premium Blends – Digestivo
Bombay Tobak – Mbombay Classic
Bombay Tobak – Mbombay Maduro
Bonita Smoke Shop – Time Warp ‘The Time Zone’
Bonita Smoke Shop – Time Warp ‘Big Ben’
Camacho – Ecuador
Crowned Heads – Jericho Hill
Crowned Heads – Las Calaveras Edicion Limitada Limitada 2014
Crux Cigars – Crux Classic
Crux Cigars – Ninfamaniac (Prerelease)
Crux Cigars – Ninfamaniac Dark (Prerelease)
Crux Cigars – Passport (Prerelease)
Crux Cigars – Skeeterz (Prerelease)
Drew Estate – Herrera Esteli Lancero
Drew Estate – Noteno by Willy Herrera
Drew Estate – Undercrown Dogma
Drew Estate Cigar Safari – Tony Casas Limited Edition 2013
E.P. Carrillo – Inch Short Run 2014
East India Trading Company – Rogue Armageddon
Eiroa – CBT Maduro
Emilio Cigars – La Musa Melete
Epicurean Cigars – AG Azul Vintage 2008
Espinosa Cigars – 601 Green Label Habano Oscuro
Espinosa Cigars – 601 La Bomba Sake Bomb
Espinosa Cigars – Espinosa Maduro
Espinosa Cigars – La Zona Habano
EspinosaCigars – 601 La Bomba Warhead
Espinosa Cigars – Laranja Reserva
Exactus – Puro Ambar Short Coloso
Ezra Zion Cigar Company – Eminence
Ezra Zion Cigar Company – Honor Series FHK
Ezra Zion Cigar Company – Tantrum P.A.
Fratello Cigars – Fratello Corona
H. Upmann – The Banker
HVC Cigars – HVC Cerro
Illusione – Gigantes
Illusione – Sin Cinta, a Fox Cigar Bar Exclusive
Joya de Nicaragua – Cuatro Cinco
Joya de Nicaragua – Joya Red
Kuuts Cigars – Miro Lancero
Kuuts, LLC – Kuuts Nicaraguan Blend
L’Atelier Imports – L’Atelier Extension de la Racine ER 13
La Flor Dominicana – Foxtoberfest
La Gloria Cubana – Rabito de Cochino
La Gloria Cubana – Domino 758, a Mike’s Cigars Exclusive
La Palina Black Label Petite Lancero
La Palina Goldie Laguito Especial
Leccia Tobacco – Leccia Luchador
Maldonado Dynasty – Mogul
Matilde Renacer Corona
Montecristo Espada
My Father Cigars – La Antiguedad
Nestor Miranda – Casa Miranda Chapter Two 
Nomad C-276 Torpedo
Nomad Vagabond
Padron- Family Reserve 50 Years Maduro
Partagas – 1845 Extra Fuerte
Partagas – 1845 Extra Oscuro
Partagas – Benji Homage 62
PDR Cigars – Flores Y Rodriguez Habano Cabinet Seleccion
Quesada – 40th Anniversary Corona Clasica
Rodrigo Cigars – Boutique Blend
RoMa Craft Tobac – Aquitaine Blockhead, a Monte’s Exclusive
RoMa Craft Tobac – La Campana de Panama Soberana
Romeo Y Julieta Primer Lote 770, a Mike’s Cigars Exclusive
Room 101 – San Andres 213
Sindicato Cigars – Sindicato
Sindicato Cigars – Sindicato Maduro
StogieBoys – Riot
Tatuaje – Black Label Corona Gorda (Jar Release) 2013
Tatuaje – Cabaiguan Guapo Lancero
Tatuaje – Havana VI Lancero
Tatuaje – Tattoo Caballeros
Tatuaje – Jekyll Monster Series #7
Tatuaje Seleccion de Cazador (Brown Label) Lancero
Total Flame Cigars – Dark Line
Total Flame Cigars – FTW (Forever Two Wheels)
VegaFina – Sumum Edicion Especial 2010 
Ventura Cigar Company – Estilo Cubano
Veritas Cigar Company – Torch Habano
Viaje – Holiday Blend Christmas Tree 2013
Villiger – La Libertad 



Jeremy Hensley is a bean counter for a non-profit in El Paso, Texas. He is married to the most understanding wife (he still can’t figure out how she puts up with his cigar smoking hobby), and blessed with two beautiful children. When he is not acting like a kid, he enjoys everything outdoors, especially fishing with his dad in the Great Lakes. Also, he meets the criteria of being a Casa Fumando reviewer: being a hockey fan. Feel free to contact Jeremy anytime via email (jmhensley13[at]gmail[dot]com). And make sure to follow him on twitter

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