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Cohiba Siglo VI (Cuban)

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No better way to enjoy this amazing weekend then spending time in my backyard with my dogs, a Cohiba Siglo VI and a bottle of Bruery Terreux’s Rhone Blanc. 

The Good Stuff:

By now everyone should be familiar with Cohiba. Cohiba is the paramount cigar brand in the Habanos portfolio and before the release of the Behike (which I reviewed here) the Siglo line had been the most coveted in Cohiba’s lineup. I actually reviewed this cigar years ago (read that here). One note on the old review is the obvious change in bands which Cohiba began utilizing in order to halt counterfeit Cuban cigars. The Siglo VI is produced as the El Laguito factory utilizing an all-Cuban composition and is offered in one single 6 x 52 format called the “Cañonazo” which comes in boxes of 10, 25, and is even featured in a tubo package option. As age can greatly affect the experience a Cuban cigar can provide, as reference this box of Siglo VI has a box date of December, 2015. Big thanks goes out to our friends at Swiss Cuban Cigars for sending these our way. You can use Swiss Cuban Cigars to order Cuban cigars anywhere in the world. If interested you can pick up the Siglo VI here

  • Size: 6 x 52
  • Wrapper: Cuban
  • Binder: Cuban
  • Filler: Cuban
  • Body: Medium
  • Strength: Medium
  • Price: ~$20
  • Box Date: December 2015
  • Pairing:  Bruery Terreux Rhone Blanc (Imperial Sour Blonde Ale 12.5% ABV)


The Cohiba Siglo VI starts off with a gorgeous, consistently light-brown wrapper with a yellow sheen to it. The wrapper showcases some great natural webbing in the tobacco leaf, very mild veining and a good amount of oils coating the wide body of the cigar leading up to it’s round, triple-wrapped cap. The wrapper itself feels very thin and delicate while the cigar as a whole feels very solid and well-packed with no soft spots to be found. The cigar is the polished off with the beautiful, updated Cohiba bands with the iconic yellow, black and white decorations as well as the new gold hologram embossing. 

The wrapper on the Cohiba Siglo VI gives off nice spice, oak, and earthy aromas while the foot of the cigar releases a more earthy and floral mixture of aromas. The cap cut clean and easily using my Xikar XO double bladed cutter. The cold draw produces large amounts of cedar, leather, earthiness and spice. 

First Third:

The Cohiba Siglo VI starts off with some very light pepper which faded within the first puff or two revealing a great mixture of cedar, vanilla, citrus, pecan and some light earthy/floral notes. The more I smoke, the more prominent the cedar and floral flavors become. The draw is stupendous. Each little puff kicks out a massive cloud of thick, white smoke which hangs around for quite a long time before dissipating. The burn line is razor thin and dead even leaving behind a trail of compacted medium/dark gray ash which held on for an inch before falling into my ashtray. 

Second Third:

Into the second third of the Cohiba Siglo VI and the cigar is really starting to open up. The cedar and vanilla lead the charge backed by spice, floral flavors, earthiness, leather, pecan, citrus and a great saltiness that is left on my tongue and lips after I take each draw. The retrohale really brings the cedar and spice to the forefront of the experience and I find myself doing it quite often. The Siglo VI is still burning like a dream and I close out the second third with nothing to report from the nicotine department. 


As I venture into the final third of the Cohiba Siglo VI the flavor profile remains much the same as the second third, which I am rather grateful for as I am really enjoying it. The dominant flavors are cedar, vanilla, and spice backed by earthiness, floral, citrus, and leather. The strength has creeped up quite a bit, but not enough to put it over the medium/full crest. It too k me a little over an hour to smoke this cigar down to the very end. As I rubbed it I experienced absolutely no harshness, nor extended heat. I close out the Siglo VI with only the mildest of nicotine hits. 


Cohiba’s Siglo VI will always have a special place in my heart. Back when I was smoking more Cuban cigars, this was one of the first ones that really caught my attention. The cigar is complex, yet not overpowering, it carries enough body to keep my interest, but remains very mild, the construction is on point and the flavor profile is incredible. My only complaint, if I had to have one, was how quickly the cigar smoked. I really wish I’d be able to spend more time together working on our relationship. But I guess I can always figure up another one. 

Again, you can order these cigars directly from our friends over at Swiss Cuban Cigars by following this link.


Bruery Terreux’s Rhone Blanc is an imperial sour blonde ale with Roussanne and Viognier grapes aged in wine barrels. Coming in at 12.5% ABV this wild ale starts off very fruit with sweet notes of grape, apple, pear, grain and a nice subtle tartness with a very light mouthfeel before finishing off with large amounts of what you’d expect in a white wine, sharp grape, sweet apple, tartness and a bit of a boozy aftertaste. The pairing was absolutely beautiful. The beer was incredibly refreshing in almost 100 degree weather while the flavors married up wonderfully with the flavors of the Cohiba Siglo VI without overpowering it. The strong fruit flavors helped extract the citrus from the cigar while the sweetness added another layer of complexity to the experience. 

Tony Casas is a 32 year old Creative Managing/Webdesigning/Craft Beer Drinking Cigar smoker from El Paso, Texas. When he isn't loving his wife he is either sleepy, hungry, or suffering from a headache.


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