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Top 7 Cigars of 2017 – Jeremy Hensley Edition

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Top cigars list are flying out all over the place and I would be amiss not to share my favorite cigars of the year with our awesome readers. As Tony already mention on his list, we don’t follow any hard rules in the creation of our lists other than we enjoyed the heck out of the cigars and we think you would to. Being an accountant by trade, I follow way too many rules day in and day out. So when it comes to writing about cigars and creating a top 10 (or 7) list, I ain’t doing that. Cheers!

# 7 – Rocky Patel Sun Grown Maduro


I never thought I would see the day when a Rocky Patel cigar would make my “Top X List”, but the day has arrived with the Rocky Patel Sun Grown Maduro. A few words from the review:

The flavors of the Rocky Patel Sun Grown Maduro were unexpected, but they were not disappointing. The earth flavor was central to the profile and there was an evolving fruit flavor that begun as a dark red fruit, but ended more like a grape jelly. The sweetness provided a nice contrast to the dark earth flavor and some noticeable changes in the sweetness were noted throughout the cigar. But it was really the richness in the final two thirds that won me over. 

You can find the full review HERE.

#6 – Bombay Tobak – Mbombay Vintage Reserve Lancero 1973


This may be the most unique cigar of the bunch, as well as the most expensive. Measuring in at 8.5 inches and with a price tag of $13.50, the MBombay Vintage Reserve Lancero 1973 is worthy of a spot on this list. And this isn’t the first time Bombay Tobak placed in well in my favorite cigars for the year. In 2015, the MBombay Kesara Vintage Reserve Nikka landed the #7 spot. A few words from my review of the 1973:

This Mbombay Vintage Reserve Lancero 1973 is attention grabbing from appearance alone, but it is the complexity and balance of the flavors that makes this cigar not only worthwhile, but pretty dang special. Yes, the $13.50 price tag is out of my price range for regular smokes, but this is one cigar that could be set aside for those special moments in life. I highly recommend you smoke this cigar and I don’t think you will be disappointed with what you will find.

You can find the full review HERE.

#5 – AJ Fernandez Bellas Artes Short Churchill


You will be hard pressed to find a top 10 list that doesn’t include an AJ made cigar. But it is highly doubtful you will see the Bellas Artes on many since I break all the rules and include cigar released in past years.

It is without hesitation that I can say the Bellas Artes Short Churchill is one of the best cigars I have smoked from AJ Fernandez and he has a huge portfolio of solid cigars. The cigar hung in the medium to medium/full arena in the flavor department and the strength continually progressed to full by the final third….there was great depth to the flavors that were well balanced and evolving….The box-pressed format in the Short Churchill vitola is a fantastic size and for just over $8.00 this is a cigar I can highly recommend.

You can find the full review HERE.

#4 – Southern Draw – QuickDraw Pennsylvania


Southern Draw has gained a lot of ground over a few short years in the industry and developed a well-rounded portfolio. Like most things, I was late to the game with trying their cigars, but I am sure glad I did. And living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, you can never have too many quick smokes on hand:

The QuickDraw Pennsylvania is exactly what I look for in a cigar. Big flavors, full strength, spice that keeps the palate alert, and a whole lot of richness. I love the Petite Corona format, but, at the same time, I didn’t want the cigar to end.

You can find the full review HERE.

#3 – IndianHead Cigars – La Galera Maduro Pegador


You know I love wallet-friendly cigars and one was destined to finds its way onto my list. Jochy Blanco has made exceptional cigars for a lot of years, but, now with his own brand, he is receiving the recognition he well deserves.

The La Galera Maduro is an absolute treat for under $6. It burned along with no hiccups and offered up some medium/full flavors that evolved through the smoke. I am a sucker for dark and rich flavors that are rounded out by some sweetness and that is exactly what this cigar delivered. This cigar is right up there with the best of them and you won’t break budget smoking these. Go for a box purchase. You won’t regret it!

You can find the full review HERE.

#2 – Black Works Studio – Sindustry Robusto


Black Label Trading Company found the #2 of spot on Tony’s Top 10 Cigars of 2017 with the Santa Muerte. And without even consulting Tony, Black Works Studio, a side project of James Brown, is my #2 cigar of the cigar. I smoked the Sindustry back in April at the recommendation of Anthony Cantelmo of Ford on Fifth.

I loved the bold, rich flavors the Sindustry by Black Works Studio delivered that paired up with a progressing strength profile that ended in the full range. Sure, the burn got a little out of whack here and there, but when the flavors are hitting on a cylinders, who really cares! Sindustry has whet my appetite to try the other offerings from Black Works Studio. And this is a must try if you enjoy full flavor, full strength cigars.

You can find the full review HERE.

#1 – Tatuaje Tainos Reserva Broadleaf


Tatuaje may have more appearances on our top 10 lists here at Casas Fumando than any other company. The Tatuaje TAA Exclusive 2017 took the five spot on Tony’s list this year. Pete Johnson certainly knows how to create an exceptional cigar and the Tatuaje Tainos Reserva Broadleaf is exactly that.

The Tatuaje Tainos Reserva Broadleaf delivered some dark flavors with a tart fruit that evolved to more of sweet fruit. The richness built in the first third, disappeared in the second, and reappeared to bring a fantastic end to the smoke. The burn was wacky, but I have come to expect that with thicker wrapper leaves. The price is on the high end of what I am willing to pay for a cigar, but this stick is worth every penny.

You can find the full review HERE.


We are already looking forward to another fantastic year of reviewing cigars, pairing beers (well, Tony) and having fun. New reviews will be heading your way soon!

Jeremy Hensley is a bean counter for a non-profit in El Paso, Texas. He is married to the most understanding wife (he still can’t figure out how she puts up with his cigar smoking hobby), and blessed with two beautiful children. When he is not acting like a kid, he enjoys everything outdoors, especially fishing with his dad in the Great Lakes. Also, he meets the criteria of being a Casa Fumando reviewer: being a hockey fan. Feel free to contact Jeremy anytime via email (jmhensley13[at]gmail[dot]com). And make sure to follow him on twitter

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