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Tatuaje Tainos Reserva Broadleaf

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At the 2016 IPCPR Trade Show, Tatuaje Cigars released the Tatuaje Reserva Broadleaf Collection packaged in 100-count boxes containing ten different sizes with ten cigars in each size. The 100-count box collection came with a hefty price tag of $1200. 10-count boxes of the Reserva Broadleaf cigars began shipping this year making a box purchase more accessible to the regular Joe. Based on sizes in the Seleccion de Cazador or Brown Label line, the blend features a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper over Nicaraguan internals. 

Tatuaje Tainos Reserva Broadleaf

Produced at My Father Cigars in Esteli, Nicaragua, available vitolas include: Havana Cazadores (6 ⅜ by 43), Unicos (6 ⅛ by 52), Noellas (5 ⅛ by 42), Tainos (7 ⅝ by 49), Especiales (7 ½ by 38), Regios (5 by 50), SW (7 by 47), J21 (5 by 50), Cojonu 2003 (6 1/2 by 52), and K222 (5 ⅞ by 52). The first letter of each of the first six vitolas, when combined, form the word “HUNTER”, which is the name of one of Pete Johnson’s dogs. As one who smokes a cigar with my dog, Tuxedo, every evening, I can really appreciate this.

Tatuaje Tainos Reserva Broadleaf

You can purchase the Tatuaje Reserva Broadleaf from our good friends over at Fox Cigar.


Price: $12.49
Vitola: Tainos
Size: Double Corona
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Smoke Time: 1 Hour and 55 Minutes


The Tatuaje Tainos Reserva Broadleaf wears a deep brown reddish wrapper that has some even darker markings and tons of veins criss-crossing down the leaf. Small sugar-like crystals glisten as the light hits the cigar and the copious amounts of oils can be seen as well as felt on the leaf. There is a very fine tooth and some scattered bumps.

Tatuaje Tainos Reserva Broadleaf

Bringing the wrapper of the cigar to my nose, an aroma of barnyard, earth, and chocolate is found. The foot shows off big notes of chocolate and a wet earth smell. The lines on the triple cap are fairly straight and, upon cutting, cold draw notes of rich cedar, cinnamon, and chocolate awaken my palate. A medium to full spice heat is already warming my tongue and lips.

Tatuaje Tainos Reserva Broadleaf


The Tatuaje Tainos Reserva Broadleaf opens up with medium, rich flavors. The profile is a combination of earth or dirt, black pepper, and a fruit tartness. Both the black pepper flavor and spice are on the full end. The richness build in the first third and the profile is very savory.  The draw that was rather firm on the cold draw is causing no issue once lit. The smoke is freely passing through the cigar with each small puff. The burn has a good wave going on as a dark gray ash forms that drops short of inch on my desk. 

Tatuaje Tainos Reserva Broadleaf


The earth flavor is the dominant flavor in the profile, followed by coffee and unsweetened cocoa. That fruit tartness now has a faint sweetness tied to it and appears every few puffs. The second ash is fairing much better and has held past an inch. The burn hasn’t improved nor has it become any worse. It seems to have a mind of its own. As I move the smoke through my sinuses, the pepper and new saltiness tickle my nose enough to bring on a sneeze.

Tatuaje Tainos Reserva Broadleaf


With the last third of the Tatuaje Tainos Reserva Broadleaf underway, the cocoa develops some sweetness and there is bit of a charred wood flavor. The earth/dirt flavor remains in the profile and the richness that dissipated during the second has come back around. The burn is the best it has been, but a quick hit with the lighter is necessary as the Reserva Broadleaf started to go out before I was ready for it to end. 

Tatuaje Tainos Reserva Broadleaf


I went into the Tatuaje Tainos Reserva Broadleaf with very little knowledge. But I came out of the experience with one of my favorite cigars from Tatuaje that I have had in a long time. I really don’t know how I completely overlooked this release in 2016. The Double Corona 7 5/8 by 47 is a very big cigar, but I enjoyed every second of it. You definitely want to have the appropriate amount time set aside before lighting this one up. The Tatuaje Tainos Reserva Broadleaf delivered some dark flavors with a tart fruit that evolved to more of sweet fruit. The richness built in the first third, disappeared in the second, and reappeared to bring a fantastic end to the smoke. The burn was wacky, but I have come to expect that with thicker wrapper leaves. The price is on the high end of what I am willing to pay for a cigar, but this stick is worth every penny.

Jeremy Hensley is a bean counter for a non-profit in El Paso, Texas. He is married to the most understanding wife (he still can’t figure out how she puts up with his cigar smoking hobby), and blessed with two beautiful children. When he is not acting like a kid, he enjoys everything outdoors, especially fishing with his dad in the Great Lakes. Also, he meets the criteria of being a Casa Fumando reviewer: being a hockey fan. Feel free to contact Jeremy anytime via email (jmhensley13[at]gmail[dot]com). And make sure to follow him on twitter

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