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NewAir NWB057BSD0 Wine and Beverage Refrigerator

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NewAir has partnered with us once again. I guess they know just how much of a beer nerd I am so they decided to send along the NewAir NWB057BSD0 Refrigerator for review.

Newair 15 Inch Wine and Beverage Refrigerator – 13 Bottles & 48 Cans Capacity with Dual Temperature Zone Wine Cooler, Black Stainless Steel & Double-Layer Tempered Glass Door, Compact Wine Cellar Built-in Counter or Freestanding Fridge. Entertain with elegance thanks to the Newair 15” dual zone compact wine cellar, with a spacious beverage center, the only refrigerator of its kind on the market. It features the innovative SplitShelf™, which helps maximize storage space for taller beverages. Thispremium beverage cooler has two cooling zones to keep your wine at the perfect serving temperatures and carbonated drinks icy cold. The craftsman beech wood wine racks and seamless, black stainless-steel door are high-end details your guests won’t overlook. Now you can enjoy all your favorite wines and beverages in one space. 

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You can purchase this refrigerator directly from NewAir using this link. If you use code CASAS10 you will get 10% off your total purchase!


Shipping is always a breeze with NewAir. First of all, they usually ship FEDEX which in my opinion, has the lightest hands in the delivery game. The unit arrived 2 days after it was shipped in a large brown cardboard box. The box was secured with plastic straps to ensure nothing was loose, and arrived with no damage at all to the outer box. Once you remove the straps, you can slide the box off the top of the unit and find the NewAir NWB057BSD0 Refrigerator nested in a Styrofoam container, surrounded by styrofoam sleeves, while the unit itself is covered in plastic to protect against any scratched (in the follow photo I removed the plastic and styrofoam).


Seeing up the NewAir NWB057BSD0 Refrigerator requires almost nothing! The unit is fully assembled and the drawers are pre-installed. The only item that needs work is the handle. To installed the handle all you need to do is peel back the rubber seal on the inside of the door, locate the two pre-drilled holes, linsert the two supplied screws in each hole and lineup the door handle. After that it’s a matter of tightening the screws and you are done.

I used this outside as a standalone unit so the only other step I had to do is adjust the leveling feet on the bottom by twisting each one to make sure the unite was completely level. It’s really to plug in. One step you may need to take is adding humidification control to the bottom wine portion of the unit. There is a small, removable dish under the bottom shelf which allows you to place humidification control (such as humidification beads in my case) into the unit to control the humidity levels in the bottom wine portion. After that, you are ready to plug the unit in and let it rock.


This little beast holds a ton of beverages. First, the top two shelves. These accurately hold exactly 24 – 12oz cans perfectly. They also slide out just a bit so that you can get your hands back there and reach those pesky cans hidden in the back. NewAir actually provides an alternate top shelf as well that allows for 16 – 12oz cans to be stored on the top, then an open space is utilized by allowing 16 – 12oz cans on the second shelf along with 8 – 16 oz cans (or taller), or bottles. This is great flexibility.

The bottom are features three vented, cedar shelves. Both the vents, and cedar are important components as you will want to control the humidity in the bottom area if you are storing wine over long periods of time. I was able to comfortably fit 3 wine bottles on the top shelf, 3 on the second shelf, and 5 stacked on the bottom shelf. That’s a lot of wine. In the picture below the bottles are actually the large-based style bottles that are about 30% wider than a standard wine bottle and they still fit perfectly.


I actually let this cool empty overnight to let the material acclimate to the cold before adding any beverages to the NewAir NWB057BSD0 Refrigerator. Empty, it took the top area about 15 minutes to drop down to 45 degrees and the bottom area about 35 minutes to drop down to 50. These are my ideal settings so these are what I used for testing. I added a calibrated digital temperature gauge to the top shelf on the top area and the middle shelf on the bottom area to check the temperature accuracy and I am happy to report that in both areas the temperature was within 2 degrees of the unit’s setting. The next day I loaded room temperature drinks to the fridge. My thought process here was to gauge how long it took to cool each section after warm drinks were loaded in the worst case scenario. The top section reached 45 degrees about 3 hours after loading while the bottom section reached 30 degrees in almost an hour. Both performed very well. As the temperatures have gotten warmer here (mid-80’s) I also have been keeping tabs on how much the temperature fluctuates within the unit. The top area will only fluctuate about 3 degrees during the day and the bottom unit sits consistently at 50. Another impressive win for the NewAir NWB057BSD0 Refrigerator.


The two separate zones are incredible, and truly separate. What I mean by that is they are completely blocked off from on another allowing you to control not only the temperature in each section, but also the humidity using the hidden, removable dish under the bottom shelf in the wine section of the fridge. The front touch panel is elegant, lighted, and very simple to use. There is a setting to toggle between celsius and fahrenheit, a up/down setting as well as display for both sections, and a light toggle button which allows the user to turn the blue interior LED lights which are located at the top of the fridge and above the bottom section to the on setting with full brightness, mid-brightness, and off. Another note is that the temperature setting display will show you what the temperatures are set at while you adjusting, but will show the current temperature of each section when you are not adjusting the setting.

The NewAir NWB057BSD0 Refrigerator also features a lock with key to keep the riff-raff out of your stash as well as bottom front-facing vents to exhaust any heat generated by the cooling unit.


Let’s be honest. This is an incredible machine. The NewAir NWB057BSD0 Refrigerator delivers in all aspects. The build quality is impeccable including the materials used, the features are perfect and easy to use, while the overall performance and storage of the machine are more than optimal. I also like the design, and the elegance of the overall product. It would fit in just about any standalone situation or under even the nicest of kitchen counters.

Tony Casas is a 32 year old Creative Managing/Webdesigning/Craft Beer Drinking Cigar smoker from El Paso, Texas. When he isn't loving his wife he is either sleepy, hungry, or suffering from a headache.

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