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NEEDONE 48 Liter Electric Humidor Review

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This week I take a look at another humidor that was sent to us to review from the NEEDONE team. The NEEDONE 48 Liter Humidor features a large 300ct capacity, cooling, 360 degrees of circulating air, spanish cedar shelving, and a dual-pane glass door with built in hygrometer. The humidor runs $329 and you can order yours here: . As an extra bonus if you use code: Casasfuman25 (only from April 24th to May 7th) you will get an additional 25% percent off the sale price bringing it down to $247.49 ! Just make sure you use it quickly so you can take advantage of it!

Here are the included specs from NEEDONE:

  • ❄️300 ITEMS CAPACITY & ULTRA QUIET – This humidor provides 3 movable cedro shelves and a large-capacity cedro drawer with a Hygrometer. The cooler humidor can store up to 300 items (unpacking). The hygrometer helps to monitor humidity so your items are in the optimal storage environment for enhanced flavor. The noise of humidor is lower than 38dB. ✔ A Ideal Gift Option 
  • ❄️SPANISH CEDAR WOOD – This Cooler uses Spanish cedar wood, whose scent can help to promote the aging , improve the aroma, and make perfect taste of your collection. Made of unpainted cedar wood, the shevles and drawer is full of nature nice smell 
  • ❄️DUAL PANE GLASS DOOR & TOUCH CONTROL – This cooler cabinet uses a double-layer hollow tempered glass door design. The outer glass is insulated, shading and effectively preventing ultraviolet rays, while the inner glass plays a good role in heat preservation. Glass panel touch control, simple and elegant, can avoiding open the door frequently that is help for keep temperature & humidity steady 
  • ❄️360°CIRCULATION AIR COOLING – The 360°circulating air-cooling system simulates air circulation to make the cold air cover each item evenly, avoid sinking the humid air, and make the humidity of each layer in the cabinet more uniform. The closed-loop air circulation can effectively maintain the proper humidity for storing your collection

Unboxing and Setup

The NEEDONE humidor was sent to me very quickly. It arrived in a single, large cardboard box with absolutely no dents or dings on the outside. It was very nicely packed. Once the tap was sliced the humidor is then contained in an easily removable outer shell of styrofoam to protect the humidor for any handling. After removing the styrofoam the humidor is now free. One thing I really liked about this humidor is the hidden handle which not only cleans up the look of the humidor but also speeds up the setup process as I know that humidor handles have been pain-points in the past with out brands. The humidor comes with 3 open cedar shelves and one large bottom drawer. All are already installed and ready to rock. All you need to do is remove the film from the built-in hygrometer, plug in the humidor, and season and you are ready to rock.


Seasoning the humidor is the same process as any humidor I have owned in the past. I usually fill a small dish with distilled water, grab a terrycloth towel and get busy. I removed each shelf which were very easy to take out of the NEEDONE humidor. I then dipped the towel in the distilled water and gently coated each cedar area with an ample amount of water. After that it was as simple as putting the shelves back in and letting the humidity stabilize. I repeated this process 24 hours later just to insure that the cedar had properly absorbed enough humidity to acclimate. Now, we’re ready.

Settings/Adjusting the Humidor

After seasoning all that is left is plugging in the humidor and adjusting the temperature. The soft-touch control panel can humidor can adjust the temperature from 54 to 74 degrees. The simple panel allows you to simply raise or lower the temperature with a push of a button. There is also an additional button that allows you to turn on and off the internal white LED light to locate your cigars with ease. One note, the cooling mechanism in this humidor does run louder than ones I have used in the past. Its not a big deal and far from a deal breaker, just something to keep in consideration if you are planning on using it in a quiet environment.


The NEEDONE 48 liter humidor comes with 3 open cedar shelves and 1 large cedar drawer. The description states that it can comfortably fit about 300 cigars and I agree with that. I was able to fit at least 2 boxes per shelf with room for about another 20-30 cigars on each. The draw easily fit 70 cigars. You can easily move the shelves around the humidor to create even more storage options as the bottom of the humidor can easily be used as an extra shelf.

Temperature and Humidity Control Quality

While Temperature and Humidity are the key component to any humidor, these are often the items where quality quickly deteriorates when companies worry more about look and feel over their core functionalities. The NEEDONE 48 liter humidor struggles a bit in this area. First, the temperature control is way off. What I mean by this is I had the humidor set at 65 degrees and after a few days the humidor was clocked in between 67 and 73. While this is still great temperature control considering my house is at about 78 degrees, the accuracy of the temperate setting needs some work. However, the temperature did stay within range so it’s just one of those things where you need to understand the setting is a few degrees off. Now when it comes to humidity which is the more important component here the NEEDONE humidor does very well. The internal hygrometer would register between 63% and 66% while my Boveda butlers would register between 65% and 67% consistently which is EXACTLY where I want them. While the temperature setting is a bit temperamental, the humidity control in this humidor functions very well.

Final Thoughts

The NEEDONE humidor works well, with a few hitches. First, it hold humidity very well which is the number one factor in if a humidor is worth its value. The temperature control is a little wonky and operates a bit louder than others. At the NEEDONE’s low price point I feel this is a great humidor for someone looking to transfer from standard desktop humidors to something larger, with more features, that won’t break the bank. In fact, you get a ton of bang for your buck here as the humidor is priced far below what I would consider a good value for it.

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