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Newair FMF2K5BK00 Outdoor Misting Fan and Pedestal Fan Review

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Just in time for the summer we partnered again with out friends at NewAir to bring a great product review to those of you who are like me, smoke, drink, and spend most of your time during the warmer months outside enjoying the fresh air. The newest addition to my patio lineup is the Newair FMF2K5BK00 Outdoor Misting Fan.

The Newair Outdoor Misting Fan is the perfect way to beat the heat on your patio or deck, especially in arid climates. The powerful, 1,600-CFM oscillating fan delivers cool breezes that cover up to 500 square feet. Connect the fan to a standard garden hose for refreshing mist that lowers temperatures by 10-15 degrees in dry locales or use the 3-speed fan standalone.

You can purchase this product directly from Newair and if you use this link or the code CASAS10 you can receive up to 10% of your total purchase!


As usual, shipping from Newair was cake. My order was placed at about 4pm in the evening and my order shockingly shipped later that evening. Newair uses FEDEX, which in my experience is the best carrier for my location. Not only does it only take 2 days to get here from California, but FEDEX is usually the most careful with my shipments. The box came with very little damage outside of a few common dings. My little pup Charlie helped me with the unboxing process.

Inside the box each item was packaged in its own plastic wrap separated by cardboard so that they couldn’t scratch or damage each other during shipping. All cables were wrapped carefully and each item had a good amount of foam sheeting surrounding it. The box was actually way smaller than expected and was easily discarded.


Setting up the NewAir misting fan was a breeze (puts on sunglasses and fades into the horizon). The instructions are very straight forward. Basically there is about 5 layers of the fan that you screw in order. Each has a screw that mounts it together and each only go one way so there isn’t really a way that you can do it incorrectly. The fan slides into the post which fits perfectly in the base and is then all tightened together. Once it’s all setup you can take it and place it where you want it to start cooling. In my case, my back patio.

The next step is actually just getting it all plugged in. First is the standard electrical outlet. Just plug that in and the fan portion is good to go! You can stop there and simply use this as an outdoor fan or you can go full-on and get the misting portion setup. To do this all you do is simply run the garden hose to the water line connected to the fan, turn on the hose, then open the faucet on the fan’s water line. One notE is that the water inlet hose can be opened and closed, and in my experience had absolutely no leaks which is a huge plus.


The Newair patio misting fan has the ability to have the fan set to three different settings. High, medium, and low. I found that even at the fan’s lowest setting the fan kicked out an adequete amount of air for my rather large patio. This fan is incredible powerful for how small it seems.

Now if the fan portion wasn’t already a huge win for the Newair misting fan, the misting portion is a monster. You can see in the images below that this fan kicks out HUGE amounts of mist. So much so that it almost immediately dampened the entire area around it. This is great for cooling and in my case when measured, the ambient temperature of my patio was 91 degrees before turning on the misting fan, using 2 different digital thermometers the patio temperate dropped to 79 degrees after running the fan for about half an hour.

While the cooling on this thing is insane, it doesn’t come without issues. The main one being how damp everything gets. I know, I know, that’s the whole point. However, things get REALLY damp and there isn’t a way to control how much mist is coming out. That would make this fan perfect. The water inlet has a ball-faucet which I thought may be able to be adjusted to allow for less mist. However, its basically a shut off and on.

Despite the way it looks I wasn’t able to get the misters on low. They’d just shut off. If this could be fixed this would be the perfect fan.


First thing you’ll notice is that the fan actually has built in surge protection which is huge when dealing with any electric components that come in close contact with water.

The built in oscillation on the Newair misting outdoor patio fan is god-sent. The oscillation range is huge and it really helps cool down the entire patio and not just the direct area.

And let’s revisit the misting. Again, it would be amazing if we could adjust the level a bit more, however for the hot summers like we get here, having the fan mists on full blast definitely help cool the air as they kick out a ton of water.


Strictly put, the Newair FMF2K5BK00 Outdoor Misting Fan is a little beast. A little beat whose sole job is to keep you, your family, and friends cool during the summer months under your patio. And the fan does an excellent job at that. While it does have a few small quirks, the cooling power and ease of use for this product outweighs any of those quirks easily. This is a great addition to my summer patio setup and something I look forward to using for years to come.

Again, you can purchase this product directly from Newair and if you use this link or the code CASAS10 you can receive up to 10% of your total purchase! Get yours now!

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