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NewAir Nugget Ice Maker (NIM026MBN0)

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So I know it’s been a while. Here in El Paso we are currently hitting 110+ degree temps daily and are on a streak of an all time high 37 days straight (with no end in sight) above 100+ degree heat. It’s insane! So I have been reluctantly hiding out inside my house where it’s been nice and cool. While that limits my smoking time, it doesn’t limit my drinking time and NewAir sent me a new product to review just in time! This week I am taking a look at the newest portable Ice Maker, the NIM026MBN0 which they kindly sent my way. Let’s dive in.

You can purchase your NIM026MBN0 using the following link and if you use our code CASAS10 you will receive 10% off your total purchase!

Shipping / Box Opening:

The shipping from NewAir is always a breeze and I haven’t even had an issue. The product was shipped via Fedex and delivered to my house directly from the company in a matter of 2 days. The product came in a simple brown cardboard box. Once removed the product was protected on all sides by inch-thick walls of foam. Underneath the foam the product was then wrapped in plastic to protect against any abrasions.

The shelf and ice scoop were taped inside to prevent them from flying around during shipping and the cord was nicely wrapped, taped, and tucked inside the machine. There was no damage at all. I have actually always been impressed with the care NewAir takes in packing their items. It doesn’t matter how big or how small, they do everything it takes to ensure safe delivery.

Setup / Product Quality:

Setup was a breeze. I apologize for my went finger prints on the photo below, however I was very excited to get this machine going. It really works right out of the box. Simply plug the machine in, fill the reservoir with water and turn it on. The machine does the rest!

The side of the NewAir ice maker houses the cooling mechanism for the machine itself. It’s important to note its location so that you can make sure you use it in an area where the fan opening is exposed so that it can properly expel any heat generated by the machine itself. This particular machine has fans on both the left and right side of the panels, however the right side is in use more often than the left. One note here, this updated version of the machine I had previously is much, much more quiet when it operates even considering the additional fan.

Once you load the NewAir ice maker the machine and power it on it will immediately start to pull the water into the machine and start the ice making progress. There is no hesitation. The reservoir actually holds a significant amount of water too so the machine can run for a few hours without any help.


This NewAir ice maker is the most simple machine I have ever used. Really there are only a few steps. First you fill the machine with water as mention above. Note the max fill line so that you don’t overfill the reservoir. Then you place the included ice basket into the top of the ice maker.

Then it’s a matter of turning the machine on. On the previous model I had there was a size selection which would allow you to select two different sizes of ice. On this model, there is only one, however I feel like the ice this machine produces is much more usable and stable than the previous one. There are also two additional notification lights on the control panel which will alert you once the ice maker is full, and once the ice maker is out of water. The power button will light up white while operating and red if the machine needs cleaning, the ice is full, or the machine is out of water.

Ice Quantity:

Quality and Quantity of ice is where this NewAir machine really shines. This machine kicks out a load of every couple of seconds. There is a gear mechanism in the top of the machine that constantly rotates and kicks out small, nugget shaped ice cubes upon each rotation. It’s a small machine, but it’s a beast and I am very impressed with how quickly it creates ice. The image below represents how much ice the machine created in just half an hour. Note: a cool function that is useful in hot weather is when the ice begins to melt in the basket the water is recycled back into the reservoir to become more ice.

Ice Quality:

The ice quality is incredible. First, it’s pretty hot here as we have been in 100’s for almost 50 days straight now. While my house isn’t as hot, it’s still hot and this machine still works like a champ. The ice it creates is about 1/3 of an inch thick, cubbed in nugget format. Perfect for adding to drinks or even munching on as it crushes very easily. It reminds me of the famous Sonic ice they use in their drinks. For those who don’t have a Sonic near you, it’s the best ice in the world and this NewAir machine is the first that I have seen that comes close to it. The ice isn’t very clear, but it doesn’t need to be. The photo below is the amount of ice created in 5 minutes of use.

Ease of Use:

Simply put, anyone can use this machine. It’s really just two steps: fill it, power it on. The you let the machine do the rest. I guess you can add a third step of putting the ice in your glass if you want, but that one’s a given. A few side notes here that are worth mentioning. First, the entire top of the machine is clear which allows you to see just how much ice has been created so you know when it’s time to dump the basket. The basket in this model is actually much larger than my previous one which allows more ice to build up quicker between dumping out the ice. One small upgrade in this machine over my previous one that makes a huge difference is there is a small opening or spout between the basket and the interior wall of the machine that allows you to fill the machine with water without having to remove the basket.

Final Thoughts:

The NewAir NIM026MBN0 is a perfect, portable machine that fits on any counter. I actually took it with me on a recent trip to a cabin and used it just about every day for an endless supply of fresh ice for our drinks. It’s incredibly easy to use, compact, and makes a very large amount of ice in a very short time making it a great companion to have around during these hot summer months.

Remember, you can purchase your NIM026MBN0 using the following link and if you use our code CASAS10 you will receive 10% off your total purchase!

Tony Casas is a 32 year old Creative Managing/Webdesigning/Craft Beer Drinking Cigar smoker from El Paso, Texas. When he isn't loving his wife he is either sleepy, hungry, or suffering from a headache.

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