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NewAir Chest Freezer (NFT070GN00) Review

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This truly has been the summer of awesome product reviews here at Casas Fumando. This time we are partnering yet again with the great people at NewAir to take a look at their new chest freezer, the NFT090GN00. Here is a bit more information found on they NewAir website:

Whether you’re looking to stockpile meals or just want to know you’ll never run out of party snacks, the right chest freezer will help you stay prepared for anything the world throws at you. The Newair 6.7 Cu. Ft. Compact Chest Freezer provides everything you need to keep your family well fed. Digital temperature controls let you set the thermostat to your exact needs for grocery store staples or specialty items from hunting and fishing trips. Smart features like Fast Freeze Mode and temperature sensing alarm make this compact yet spacious chest freezer the perfect addition to any home.

Keep in mind, you can purchase this directly from NewAir’s website here. If you use code CASAS10 you will get 10% off your total purchase!


This NewAir Chest freezer came packaged in the usual, heavily padded box, well-maintained box. This thing is a beast and NewAir tends to take extra care with shipping so the box is quite a bit larger than the actual machine.

Unboxing it however, is a breeze. There are a few plastic straps surrounding the exterior of the box. Once cut, the entire top of the box can be pulled right off the machine itself. After doing so you notice a thick layer of foam surrounding every inch of the machine. Under the foam is a light foam fabric which prevents any scratches to the surface of the freezer.


With most of the products we have reviewed from NewAir one thing has been very consistent, ease of setup. And this Chest Freezer is no exception. First, I had to remove quite a few small areas that had extra padding taped to the surface and interior of the machine. After that, I removed the tape from the interior basket which held it in place during shipping. I removed the instruction manual from inside the machine and then unraveled the power cord which was neatly tucked underneath the freezer. After that it was as easy as plugging it in and let it start doing its thing. Note: The instruction manual does state to let the unit sit for a day before powering on.


The NewAir Chest Freezer (NFT070GN00) offers a ton of storage room. The cooling unit is small and condensed to one side of the machine allowing for deep, stacking storage and as smaller area with basket for the items you need to access quickly, or more often. While the freezer feels compact from the outside it holds an impressive amount of product.

At its deepest point, the freezer is 26 inches deep.

At its widest point, the freezer is 31 inches across.


The NewAir NewAir Chest Freezer (NFT070GN00) Review cools EXTREMELY FAST. I say that with refrain as well. I am seriously shocked with how quickly this freezer cooled. Within 30 minutes of powering the freezer on it had completely cooled to 30 degrees. You can actually see condensation start to build in the bottom of the machine within 5 minutes of powering it on. As an alternate test, I decided to let some of my freezer items aside and let them cool to about 50 degrees. After that I tossed them into the freezer which filled it about half way up to see how the temperatures would fluctuate. There was only about a 2 degree variant which only lasted about 10 minutes after being filled which was way more likely due to the lid being open than it was the warm product being added. Needless to say, I am extremely impressed with the cooling power of this freezer.


I’ll start with one quick feature. The NewAir NewAir Chest Freezer (NFT070GN00) carries some hefty, very heavy-duty hinges which are not only tough, but very easy to open and close. These will stand the test of time. They also comfortable hold the lid in the open position so that you can easily load the unit without having to constantly open the lid.

There is a small LED light located in the lid of the freezer which automatically turns on when opened. While I do appreciate the effort here, one area of improvement would be something either larger or brighter as it doesn’t offer the most light when the area is darkened.

The control panel is simple, yet useful. There is an LED display of the current internal temperature of the unit which is very helpful. There are also setting which allows you to adjust the temperature to your needs. One HUGE note here is the range offered in cooling is massive as the unit can adjust anywhere between 50 degrees all the way down to a rocking -14.8 degrees. There is also a fast freezing option which injects extra cold air into the unit which speeds up the time it takes to deep freeze your goods.

There is also a great added internal drain plug which will allow you to empty any built-up condensation or spillage with ease. This is such a small feature, but one that is incredibly useful and often overlooked.

The paint, oh the paint. It’s great, and I and glad that the unit is offered in multiple colors to fit your needs however the paint show fingerprints extremely easy. This is a small thing, but I felt it was worth mentioning as I know NewAir often features fingerprint resistant materials and finishes.

One last note is the exhaust setup. Keep in mind that the exhaust for the cooling system is located on the bottom right of the unit. You’ll need to make sure you set this up in an area that will allow the air to easily escape from this area without being block.


The NewAir Chest Freezer (NFT070GN00) is a beast. Its cooling power is incredibly impressive and outweighs both of my current chest freezers. Its simple operation, reliability, durability and easy of settings easily makes it one of the best options in the market currently. Not to mention the low price of $499 currently is extremely affordable. Keep in mind you can also take 10% off that price by using the code CASAS10 on NewAir’s site. For more information and to order your unit click here.

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