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Newair Battery Powered 25 Qt. Jobsite Cooler Car Refrigerator (NPR025YLJ0)

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It’s been a bit since we have had a product review here at Casas Fumando, but Newair has partnered with us once again to showcase a new product that we’re pretty excited about. Let’s take a look at their new Battery Powered 25 Qt. Jobsite Cooler Car Refrigerator (NPR025YLJ0). Below is a bit more information about the product from their website before we dive in.

The Newair Jobsite Cooler is designed to be the ultimate companion for professionals who rely on a range of power tool brands, including Dewalt®, Milwaukee®, Bosch®, and Makita®. With its versatile compatibility, you can charge your cooler using the batteries from any of these renowned brands, ensuring that you always have a power source at hand to keep your refreshments cold.®-milwaukee®-bosch®-makita®-battery-12-24v-mini-fridge-for-car-camping-semi-truck-rv-hard-cooler-lunch-box-for-men-and-women

You can purchase this product directly from Newair and if you use this link or the code CASAS10 you can receive up to 10% of your total purchase!

Shipping / Unboxing

As with all my experiences with Newair, shipping was a breeze. The product was shipped to me via FedEx and arrived 2 days after my order was placed. The box arrived undamaged.

The box is surrounded by plastic straps and once removed you can just slide the top of the box right off the product which is surrounded by styrofoam and wrapped in plastic to prevent against any shipping mistreating.


Setup is as easy as it gets. Depending on what battery option you decide on. I went with the Newair battery so no adapter was needed. I simple slid the battery in one of the two battery compartments, plugged the machine in and let it do it’s thing. It’s that simple. If you decide to use your third party battery the only different could be installing the provided adapter that matches your battery’s brand before popping your battery in. After that you use the front panel to set the mode to either ECO which uses less power, or MAX which obviously goes all out. You can then set the desired internal cooling temperature to anywhere between -4 degrees and 64 and the machine will do the rest.

I also testing the Newair battery charge times just to see how it does. With the machine powered on it takes 4 hours to completely charge the battery from flat. With the machine powered off it only took 2 hours. There is an indicator on both the front of the machine and also on the battery itself that you can use to monitor the charging process.


The product details list that you can store up to 28 x 16oz cans and 32 x 12oz cans. I decided to test this with a variety of difference sized cans and even though the cooling box looks rather small, I am happy to report the storage specs are accurate. The cooling unit takes up a ton of space, let’s be honest. But it’s also the main feature of this product so it gets a pass. This still leaves ample room for storage whether you are going on a road trip, quick camping trip, or hitting the dunes.


The Cooling on this little machine is phenomenal. It’s not a huge space to cool making the cooling process extremely quick to get to temperature and stay there. For this test I started with the cooler at room temperature, 68 degrees to be exact. I then powered on the machine and monitored how long it took to get to 30 degrees while the box was empty. It took 12 minutes total to cool the machine down to 30 degrees according to the temperature gauge on the front of the machine. I also placed an external thermometer inside the box to check the accuracy and it read 28 degrees. Very impressive. Granted, it would likely take longer to cool if it was packed with non-chilled goods, I am still happy with the performance here. I also went ahead and ran through a number of different temperatures to see how close the external gauge was to my calibrated thermometer and the gauge was always within 4 degrees which is very acceptable. The product states that it can be adjusted from -4 degrees all the way up to 64. I tested the -4 option and shockingly it quickly took the internal temperature down to 0 degrees on my external thermometer. In summary, this thing can chill very quickly.


White the machine’s functions are simple, there are actually some pretty cool built in features. First, the cooler comes with an option 12V cigarette plug that will both power the machine and charge the battery when it’s plugged into your vehicle. This was not something I was aware of, and certainly a nice added bonus especially for those outdoor trips.

One of the biggest features on the Newair Jobsite cooler is that you can plug in various other brand’s batteries. Think about all those batteries that come with your drills, impact drivers, and flashlights. Using an adapter you can easily use batteries from Makita, Bosch, Milwaukee, and Dewalt. Or in my case, I went with the standard Newair battery. The cooler has a large compartment that fits two batteries so you can get the most extended use out of each. There is also a really cool little added USB port on the front panel where you can use the power from the battery to charge/power a small USB device.

Second, while super minor, it’s a great addition as the cooler actually features a good-sized, bright LED inside the cooling compartment itself. This is the first time I have seen this on a portable machine like this before. The LED easily illuminates the entire compartment making it easy to find that specific drink or food item you are looking for.

With the focus on portability, the Newair Jobsite cooler features heavy duty wheels and a pull handle for easy transportation. Along with this the cooler actually features two drink areas on top of the battery compartment that will keep your drinks in place.


The Newair Jobsite cooler is such a cool device. I can see lugging this thing around, full of beers to my next herf while me and my buds sit around it smoking cigars. The versatility, portability, and performance make it a perfect product for any outdoor enthusiast or anyone really who spends time away from appliances that could keep your drinks and food cold. You can purchase this product directly from Newair and if you use this link or the code CASAS10 you can receive up to 10% of your total purchase!

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