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Foundation Cigar Company – The Tabernacle Havana Seed CT No. 142

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Look Who’s Back! You guys should all be familiar with Jeff by now. He’s our honorary Casas Fumando writer, and he kicked out tons of great reviews. If he keeps this up we are going to force him to join us full time. Until then, enjoy his newest “Guest” review.


After enjoying the success of their 2016 release of the Broadleaf wrapped The Tabernacle, Foundation Cigar Company followed up on that in 2018 with The Tabernacle Havana Seed CT No. 142, which sports a unique Connecticut Valley grown wrapper enrobing a core that is basically the same as the original.  

As described on Foundation’s website:

“Master blender, Nicholas Melillo, has been working with choice farmers in the Connecticut River Valley since 2014 to develop the Havana Seed CT #142 wrapper. The seed is extremely rare and unlike any other tobacco in the world. Due to the incredible amount of oil from the plant, it takes 3yrs to undergo the fermentation process. The results make for a delicious medium to full-bodied blend with hints of cedar, spice, rich earthiness and natural sweetness.”

The Tabernacle Havana Seed CT No. 142 is made at Tabacalera AJ Fernandez Cigars de Nicaragua S.A., and comes in five sizes: Robusto 5×50; Corona 5¼x46; Toro 6×52; Doble Corona 7×54; and Lancero 7×40.  Prices range from $9 to $12. 

It’s been a while since I’ve had the original Tabernacle, although I do have a stubby torpedo waiting to be smoked, but I know I really enjoyed them. This one came to me by way of our great friends over at Cuenca Cigars.

The Basics:

  • Wrapper: U.S. Connecticut Valley grown Havana Seed No. 142
  • Binder: Mexican San Andres
  • Filler: Nicaragua and Honduras Jamastran
  • Size smoked: Toro 6×52
  • Price: $11.50
  • Smoking time: One hour, forty-five minutes
  • Pairing: Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad 2015 (ABV 11.8%)


The Tabernacle Havana Seed CT No. 142 comes enrobed in a medium dark and mottled reddish brown, and shows a few fine veins and fine tooth in a tight and seamless roll.  It’s very firmly packed with just a couple of slightly softer spots and has a pretty good amount of heft to it.  The maroon/burgundy and gold of the band really coordinates well with the color of the wrapper, giving it a very attractive appearance.  Perhaps because it comes without a cellophane sleeve and has been sitting in my humidor for several months, the wrapper doesn’t give off much of an aroma other than some musty tobacco.  Likewise, the foot shows little more than some earthy tobacco. Clipping the cap with my Colibri V-cutter reveals sweet tobacco, spice, and grain notes on the cold draw.

First third:

True to form, the wind kicks up just as I begin to toast the cigar, forcing me to put my lighter a lot closer to the foot than I would like, but this cigar is completely unfazed by that.  The result is a perfect draw that gives up sweet earth and spice, some woodiness that falls somewhere between cedar and oak, and a bit of light roasted coffee.  Dry leather and a light char come in a little further down.  The burn line has been razor sharp and nearly dead-even, and the layered light gray ash hangs on for 1½” before falling into my ashtray.  A citrusy tang next appears on the tongue as the first third finishes at a smooth medium body with no nicotine kick.

Middle third:

As I near the halfway point, things haven’t changed up much, which is just fine by me, since I’ve been enjoying the flavors that have been there, and they’ve melded well and continue to please my palate.  The burn went a bit out of whack for a short time, but has completely self-corrected and some white pepper has come in on the tongue, hangs around for a little while, then dissipates as the coffee notes move up the ladder.

Final third:

The Tabernacle Havana Seed CT No. 142 ushers in some added char and a drop in sweetness as the earth, coffee, wood, and leather continue to lead the way, with not much change other than a slight uptick in intensity and body. The cigar burns down to the firm and cool nub with no harshness and finishes at near medium-full with just slight nicotine strength. 


While there wasn’t much in the way of transitions, the flavors of the Tabernacle Havana Seed CT No. 142 were plenty complex enough for me to not get bored with it, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The construction on this cigar is terrific.  I never had a worry about the burn and it drew great all the way down, and it was a nice long and relaxing smoke.  I highly recommend that smokers from novices looking for a slightly bolder experience to seasoned veterans give this one a shot.  I’m just glad that I don’t have to type that long name again, lol.


I’ve had this bottle of Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad sitting in my cabinet for a few years (as evidenced by the neck label falling off), and that might be a little longer than it should have sat, but it was still a great match for this cigar.  The beer shows cherry and orange-y citrus fruit, a touch of cocoa and caramel, and some barrel wood and booziness, and it gets sweeter as it warms up, providing a welcome companion for the cigar.  I would love to have had a slightly younger version of this beer, however, as I think the flavors have dampened some and a brighter beer would have been even more enjoyable.  A smooth porter, a juicy red such as a Zinfandel or Shiraz, or a nice rum would also be great pairing for the CT No. 142. 

~Jeff Oda 

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