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Top 10 Cigars of 2019 – Tony Casas Edition

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It’s that time of the year folks! Here at Casas Fumando we are a pretty laid back, easy going group and our top lists reflect that. There aren’t too many set rules for what can and can’t be included. I personally just stick to the top 10 cigars that I reviewed this year. That being said, here we go!

#10 – Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Mi Querida Triqui Traca

This is yet another fantastic addition to an already glowing Dunbarton portfolio. The Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Mi Querida Triqui Traca carries a bold, complex, yet balanced profile without being too overpowered by strength. While subjective, the flavor profile is one that really hits all the marks for me. The construction and burn experience was flawless, and the price is right around where I’d expect this cigar to land. I can’t say for sure which one I liked more, but I think both blends easily find their way into my regular portfolio while the Triqui Traca is something I’ll be reaching for after dinner when I am craving a more full-bodied experience.

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#9 – Warped Flor de Valle Seleccion de Valle

The Seleccion de Valle is an excellent extension to an already vast, and great Flor de Valle line. The 109 format is one coveted by aficionados and easily the most prominent vitola in the line. The flavors offered in the Flor de Valle are not overly complex, but extremely enjoyable and just complex enough to keep you thinking about the cigar as you’re smoking it. I for one really enjoy the flavor profile and often reach for the blend when I want a just all around great cigar. After smoking quite a few different vitoilas in the line I have to say the Seleccion de Valle is my favorite, and I usually gravitate towards smaller ring gauges. The flavors are a bit more balanced, and the stubby tapered cap is incredible comfortable in my mouth

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#8 – Robaina and Fox Cigar Alejo

Man, this cigar is just, phenomenal. I really enjoyed the Eagle, but to be honest, the Alejo blows it out of the water. A lot of that has to do with the flavor profile which is extremely subjective but is exactly what I look for in terms of flavors in a cigar. The profile is complex enough to keep me entertained while not overly-complex causing me to have to really think about the cigar. The experience in all was perfect. The price point is up there, but I would pay that in a heartbeat for the experience this cigar delivered.

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#7 – Tatuaje Mexican Experiment Limited

I smoked the original Mexican Experiment ages ago but that cigar is so far out of my mind that I couldn’t even begin to compare the two. But wha tI can tell you is how utterly enjoyable this Tatuaje Mexican Experiment Limited was. The flavors are a thing of beauty. Complex, yet balanced as they all support one another. The cigar performed flawlessly from start to finish. And one thing that really stood out was just how much the cigar had to offer in terms of body, without increasing the strength of the cigar past the medium arena. Lookout for a review of the ME II coming up soon.

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#6 – My Father Cigars My Promesa

This is just another reason why My Father cigars and the Pepin family are held to such a high standard. La Promesa delivered. We’ll start with the flavor profile which, while very subjective, was one of the best profiles I have had in a cigar experience in some time. The burn and construction was flawless, the cigar wasn’t overpowered by strength, and it all came in a nice, affordable package. I don’t think you can want more in a cigar and I look forward to keeping many La Promesa on hand for my regular rotation.

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#5 – Aganorsa Leaf Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch

I really enjoyed the Warped Guardian of the Farm, but I have to say that the Aganorsa Leaf Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch is just completely on a whole new level. The flavor profile is complex and incredible and matched up with my personal preference beautifully. This is the perfect example of adding more body to a cigar without overpowering it with strength. The construction was flawless and the experience was perfect all while the price point is something I’d easily pay time and time again for this cigar. This is box-worthy for sure and makes for a perfect addition to a seasoned cigar smoker’s regular rotation. Really the only gripe I have about this cigar is that there isn’t many left in my humidor. That’s something I can easily fix though.

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#4 – The Crowned Heads Las Calaveras 2019

The Crowned Heads Las Calaveras 2019 is everything you would hope for in a cigar. Complex, yet not-overpowering profile with a more modest strength rating. The cigar burned like a dream from start to finish while the price point is something I would pay over and over again (and plan to). I can confidently say that this was my favorite Las Calaveras release to date. I was curious as to how it holds up against the original 2014 release so I smoked these both in a same night earlier this week. Granted, the flavors have fallen off a bit in the 2014, but damn that was still an incredible cigar. That being said, the 2019 I smoked after offered more sweetness and musk which really fit my personal flavor profile perfectly.

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#3 – Aganorsa Leaf Signature Selection Maduro

I was blown away the first time I smoked this cigar. Later I smoked it again and was equally impressed. Today I smoked it and well… It is by far one of the best cigars I have smoked this year. The flavor profile is complex and bold, the burn was effortless, and construction was flawless. Each of these were a bit tight, but extremely manageable so I won’t take points off there. The price is a bit on the high side but something that I’d gladly pay for and plan to as these will definitely have a spot in my regular rotation for those times when I am looking for a stronger, bolder experience.

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#2 – Plasencia Alma del Fuego

As I stated earlier, Plasencia doesn’t just add any ol’ cigar to their portfolio. When they add a cigar they make sure it’s truly something special and their latest releases are testament to that. The Alma del Fuego is a departure from what they have released lately in terms of flavor profile offering a complex, sweetness-focused blend of flavors. The profile is really incredible while the smoking experience was flawless from start to finish. The price is high, which you expect, but you get every penny you pay for. While I won’t be smoking these every other day this is a perfect cigar to add to my rotation when I am searching from something full, complex, and special.

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#1 – Illusione 10th Anniversary d’Aosta

Why was this cigar so hard to track down? Was it worth it? I don’t know the answer to the first question, but the answer to the second is “Hell Yes”. The Illusione Epernay 10th Anniversary d’Aosta delivered in every area possible. Construction was flawless, burn was perfect and the flavor profile was complex and incredible. I can honestly say the Epernay is probably one of my absolutely favorite blends ever created by any cigar manufacturer ever. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared that tinkering with the blend could have been a catastrophe, but instead it turned out to be the opposite. I loved it. My only problem with this cigar is how limited and hard to find it is. I cold see myself smoking so much more if only I could get a hold of them.

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Tony Casas is a 32 year old Creative Managing/Webdesigning/Craft Beer Drinking Cigar smoker from El Paso, Texas. When he isn't loving his wife he is either sleepy, hungry, or suffering from a headache.

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