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Fox Cigar Bar’s Foxtoberfest / Golf Classic 2013

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We don’t get many large events like this one in our area. Sure, Las Vegas has a few, but that’s a lot farther from us then you would think. That being said, Phoenix is only about a 6 hour drive away. Jeremy and I both try to take frequent trips up there to shop, eat, smoke, drink, and relax. Last year we were invited to attend an even at Fox Cigar Bar called Foxtoberfest. Hmm, cigars and beers? That had my name written all over it. Anywho, this was a massive event jam packed with big cigar names, lots to smoke, and lots to drink. Last year we spent time with the likes of Rocky Patel from Rocky Patel Cigars, Eddie Ortega from Ortega Cigar Company, Matt Booth from Room 101, Jesus Fuego from J. Fuego cigars, Clint Aaron from 262 cigars, Craig Cunningham from Esteban Carreras Cigars, and a few others. This year, well this year Cliff is going big. Not only will he extend the event into a two day golf tournament but he is also tossing in many other big names.

On Friday, Oktober (like the way I spelled that?) 18th you can spend the day sipping drinks, smoking cigars, and rubbing elbows at the golf course with Matt Booth from 101, Nish Patel from Rocky Patel, Fabian Ziegler from Drew Estate, Tony Gomez from La Flor Dominicana, Eddie Ortega from Ortega Cigars, Rafael Alejandro from Boutique Blends, Wes Thornton from the Crowned Heads, Clint Aaron from 262 Cigars, David Fraser from Xikar, Meera Levin from Ashton, Terence Reilly from Sag, Jeff Nolen from Oliva Cigars, and Glen Loope from CRA. If that isn’t enough, on Saturday you can hang out at the shop, enjoy some great beers and cigars while shooting the crap with these guys plus Jose Ortega from My Father Cigars and Jesus Fuego from J. Fuego Cigars. Cliff and Fox went HUGE on this one and I can honestly say that I am looking forward to the event. I could see this even becoming one of the premier cigar events in the southwest. Below is the full information on the event as well as pricing. If you plan on going buy your tickets ASAP cause they sold out crazy fast last year. You can keep up with any changes by follow Fox Cigar Bar on twitter, facebook, or through their website. We will provide you guys will full event coverage as well.


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