And we have another lucky winner!

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That’s right, our third contest has come to an end. And now it’s time to announce the winner……

Tim D!!!

who wrote this randomly selected event:

When I was 14 I got hold of a bottle of rum before school one day, they were removing asbestos insulation from our high school so we shared with the middle school, we went to school from 1-5 PM my freshman year. I got so drunk I didn’t have the sense not to go to school. I fell off the school bus and somehow made it through homeroom. 1st period did me in though, the room started spinning and I hurled on the kid in front of me after which I raised my hand and politely asked “Can I go to the nurse’s office?” I stood up and passed out… next thing I remember they were carting me down the hall in a wheelchair and my dad had to leave work to come pick me up. True story

Tim! Send me your mailing address!

And to everyone who entered, we thank you for your readership and have a VERY VERY VERY exciting contest lined up for our next one thanks to Bonita Smoke Shop, who we can’t thank enough for the the support they have shown us in the past few months. You don’t want to miss it!

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