We have a winnner!

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That’s right, the random number generator has spoken and a winner has been chosen, and notified. Sorry about being a day late announcing the winner. I’ve had a heck of a week, and haven’t been feeling too well lately. Anyways, on to the winner.

Congratulations go out to: ADAM who posted this comment:

Honestly, i would love to just spend Valentine’s day with my wife. Alone, something romantic. But since my newly inherited step-children play such an important role in our lives we will probably end up doing something as a family. I’m thinking, take the day off, movies, lunch, shopping, followed by a lovely dinner at home only to end the day with some family fun and boardgames around the fire. It’s cold up here, so we can snuggle up around the fireplace .

Again, this comment was chosen at random using a simple PHP rand function. (If any of you guys would like my code just let me know).

A big thanks to everyone who entered, the response was way larger that I could have expected. A big plus to everyone who didn’t win this contest is Bonita Smoke Shop has agreed to facilitate yet another awesome contest coming up real soon. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Until next time!

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