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Quick Draw Episode 7 – Padilla La Terraza Capa Habano

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HELLLLOOOOO Friends! I’m back! I can’t really say I’m happy to be back, I’d much rather be on a beach somewhere but I’m back nonetheless! 😛 I landed back in Canada on late Wednesday so I didn’t have much time this week for a full review or anything but I decided to put together a nice little Quick Draw for everyone. Next week I hope to have a nice write-up of my cigar experiences over the last little while, both for smoking and shopping. So look for that next week!

So I managed to grab a box of these cigar on a pure impulse buy when I saw them go on sale in a e-newsletter. At a price of only $2 per cigar and brand name behind them like Padilla I figured I had nothing to lose. So I grabbed it! After my trigger finger purchase I jumped on Casas Fumando and checked to see if Tony had reviewed this one by golly and he did! It was actually one of the blind reviews he did awhile back, here’s the link.

Now this got me a little worried cause Tony didn’t seem to like it a whole lot and we seem to have somewhat similar preference when it comes to our cigars. But I figured even if it was terrible, I’ll have a cheap stick to hand out to people I don’t like 😛 lol

The pre-light had an almost minty or menthol type of aroma that sorta surprised me, especially on a Habano wrapped cigar. It even came through for the first half of the cigar, giving an almost fresh finish to each draw, was pretty interesting to have that. Beyond that, the La Terraza stared off with some woodsy and coffee flavors backed by a smooth almond like finish. The burn for the most part was nowhere near razor-sharp but it never strayed too far off course to need a major touch-up or anything. The retrohale offered an interesting cedar and musty type of finish with almost no spice.

The first half of the cigar had almost no spice and I usually expect some spice in any Habano wrapped cigar. The spice did show its face a bit in the last half along with some intensified body going from mild to the high end of medium. The coffee and cedar flavors continue to be strong. The last third picked up into the full category and all the flavors mixed together for a nice strong finish with very little harshness. For the price, I’m totally happy with this purchase. It’s not the most dimensional cigar out there but it had a lot more flavor to it than some other budget sticks I’ve come across. Definitely worth picking up a few if you can find them.

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