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Pura Soul Cigars – Pura Soul Maduro

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After 30 years working for some of the largest and well-known cigar companies in the world, Robert Wright founded Pura Soul Cigar with their first release hitting the market in 2013 with their Pura Soul Nicaraguan. Originally under the CLE distribution umbrella, Pura Soul Cigars took over their own distribution in August 2014 shortly after announcing its second release at the July 2014 IPCPR Trade Show of the Pura Soul Honduran.

Pura Soul Maduro


Pura Soul Cigars showed no signs of slowing down in 2015 with two new releases, Pura Soul Maduro and Pura Soul Barberpole. While no longer being distributed by CLE, the cigars are being made at Christian Eiroa’s Aladino Factory in Danli, Honduras. Three sizes of the Maduro are currently available, 5 by 50, 6 by 54, and 7 by 64, ranging in price from $7.65 to $9.45. I will detail the specific on the Barberpole during next week’s review.

Pura Soul Maduro

The Facts

Samples Provided by Pura Soul Cigars
Price: $7.65
Vitola: Robusto
Size: 5 by 50
Wrapper: Honduran Maduro
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Honduran
Smoke Time: 1 Hour and 25 Minutes


The Pura Soul Maduro is dressed in a consistent dark brown wrapper that has an extremely fine tooth giving the texture of a fine grain sandpaper. The small veins and wrapper seams are hard to see against the dark leaf. The cigar is evenly and firmly filled giving just slightly when pinched between the fingers.

Pura Soul Maduro

Barnyard, earth, and a faint, unsweetened cocoa are found on the wrapper, while big notes of chocolate and rich cedar come across on the foot. A very shallow cut of the double cap opens up a draw that is stiffer than preferred. Notes of cinnamon and rich cedar on the most dominant on the dry draw.

Pura Soul Cigars - Pura Soul Maduro (5)

First Third

The Pura Soul Madura opens up with a full amount of spice, against some leather and earth as well as a strange sweetness that I cannot pinpoint. While the draw remains firm, the smoke production is not lacking and I do not see any reason to reclip. The burn-line is thin, mostly even,  and the fine tooth can be seen on the ash. The layered ash is holding well over an inch.

Pura Soul Maduro

Middle Third

The sweetness has evolved to more of an artificial fruit sweetness or jelly-like. The spice is still in full force and a smoky wood flavor has arrived alongside the leather. A quick touch-up is needed to get the burn back in-line that was meandering off course. Through the second third, the Pura Soul Maduro has a jagged burn.

Pura Soul Maduro

Final Third

Making my way into the final third at 50 minutes, the sweetness has departed, the smoky wood and leather are still holding strong, and the spice has eased off, but still complementing the profile. A cocoa has joined the mix which is most noticeable on the finish. As I began the final third, the burn remained uneven but self-corrected before closing out the cigar.

Pura Soul Maduro


Knowing nothing about the Pura Soul Maduro prior to smoking, I thought for sure I was smoking a cigar with a San Andres Maduro wrapper from the appearance and even some of the flavors I was picking up on. This Honduran puro smoked very different than any other cigar I have smoked that utilizes 100% Honduran tobacco. Decently complex, balanced, and spicy, rounded out by an intriguing sweetness characterized this full flavor, medium strength cigar. .Smoke production was satisfying, ash held well, and the burn was so so. But overall, I found the Pura Soul Maduro to be a very enjoyable cigar that hit the spot for me. I look forward to smoking the other offering from this company.


Jeremy Hensley is a bean counter for a non-profit in El Paso, Texas. He is married to the most understanding wife (he still can’t figure out how she puts up with his cigar smoking hobby), and blessed with two beautiful children. When he is not acting like a kid, he enjoys everything outdoors, especially fishing with his dad in the Great Lakes. Also, he meets the criteria of being a Casa Fumando reviewer: being a hockey fan. Feel free to contact Jeremy anytime via email (jmhensley13[at]gmail[dot]com). And make sure to follow him on twitter


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