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Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Maduro

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If you haven’t heard yet, Nick Perdomo recently made an announcement about lowering the prices of 3 great blends by the Tabacalera Perdomo. You can read more official announcement on the Perdomo Bulletin Board. At about the same time last year, Nick announced a similar price drop in some of the cigars. Included in that price drop was the Reserve 10th Anniversary line of cigars. In light of this wonderful news, we figured what better way to spread the word than to review a Perdomo Cigar.

Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Maduro

Today’s review is on the Tabacalera Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Maduro. The Reserve 10th Anniversary line was first released in 2008 to mark 10 years in business of the Tabacalera Perdomo. Originally, this line was available in the Maduro and Cuban Criollo wrapper and a Champagne (Connecticut) wrapper was added to the line later. The Anniversary line was also aimed to celebrate the great success of the La Tradicion Perdomo Reserve line, and I have to say it has certainly lived up to its predecessor. The Maduro is available 5 sizes, Figurado (5.75 x 56), Robusto (5 x 54), Epicure (6 x 54), Churchill (7 x 54), and Torpedo (7 x 54). As with all figurado’s, the 56 ring gauge is in the center of the cigar and tapers to be a smaller ring gauge at each end of the cigar. I enjoyed this cigar as a mid-day smoke on a weekend with wonderful weather.

Cigar: Tabacalera Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Maduro
Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper
Vitola: Figurado (5.75 x 56)
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Maduro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Price: $4.50 – $6.00
Burn Time: 1.75 hours

• Clean and even throughout with no large veins
• Very clean triple cap
• Medium-Dark brown in color
• Very firm throughout with only minor springiness
• Tightly packed foot
• Wrapper had a delicious oiliness to it
• Draw was perfect throughout

Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Maduro

• Toasting went well, some unlit spots were fixed by a bit of blowing on the foot
• Burn was razor sharp right off the start
• Effortlessly staying lit, taking my time and enjoying the weather and the cigar
• Wrapper stopped burning around half-way because I stepped away and left it too long, a tiny touch up fixed it and back to razor sharp burn, great recovery
• Super slow burn for a cigar this size, allowed me to enjoy it slowly

Smoke & Ash:
• Big mouthful of smoke for each draw
• Lots of resting smoke that smells wonderful
• Ash is light grey in color
• Ash if holding on past an inch
• A little flaking but nothing major, still fairly strong

Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Maduro

Tasting Notes:
• Wrapper aroma is of sweet tobacco
• Aroma on the foot is sweet and has hints of coffee
• Pre-light draw still has hints of coffee and some spice on the lips
• Initials draws have a burst of cocoa and coffee flavors
• A tiny bit of spice on retrohale, but a smooth cocoa finish
• After the first few draws the flavors toned down a bit and the cocoa disappeared, enjoying just a coffee flavor and some sweet tobacco
• Body started off fairly mild and is in the medium range at the half-way point
• Cocoa flavors came back just slightly past the halfway mark
• Very mild bitterness near the end
• Final flavors left me with sweet tobacco, cocoa and some hints of leather

Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Maduro

Final Thoughts:
I’ve enjoyed a fair share of this wonderful cigar and I think this particular vitola doesn’t do the blend justice. The robusto I had of the same blend was much more enjoyable and had no burn issues at all. The Champagne is also an excellent choice. One thing that has never failed me with these cigars is their consistent burn and construction. They are dead on with every cigar and I never have to pay any extra attention, I get to enjoy them effortlessly. I would definitely recommend this cigar to anyone, it would even work well as a cigar to gift a new cigar smoker. For those that smoke a few sticks per day, this one would work well as a morning or afternoon cigar and can easily be enjoyed in the evenings as well.

I enjoyed this cigar with Diet Dr. Pepper and thought this was an ok mid-day pairing. This cigar would pair wonderfully with a great cup of coffee, or my personal favorite, an Americano. For an alcoholic pairing, a great dark beer or a cask beer would pair great. A suggestion reviewed on this site would be the Mill Street Brewery Coffee Porter or something similar.

Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Maduro

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