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Pedro Martin Cigars Full Line Review + Contest Winner

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Recently I was approached by Ammer Cabrera, Vice President of Pedro Martin Cigars. He wanted to know if we’d be interested in reviewing the full line of the newly released Pedro Martin Cigars. Of course we obliged.

Pedro Martin Cigars

Pedro Cigars is a running legacy. The cigar company is ran by Maria Martin, daughter of Pedro Martin. Pedro was the founder of Tabacalera Tropical, and one of the most well known cigar blenders around. Sadly, he passed away last year leaving Maria to carry on the family cigar legacy. Does her name sound familiar? Maria actually used to be the national sales manger for Camacho cigars. Since her father’s passing she has left Camacho and is now dedicating herself to the family business.

Pedro Martin Cigars

Pedro martin cigars will start with 3 released blends; The Ruby is crowned as Pedro Martin’s masterpiece. The cigar is composed of a Maroon Corojo wrapper and an all Nicaraguan blend. The Gold is composed of a Ecuadorian-Connecticut wrapper and all Nicaraguan binder and filler. And finally, the Corojo which is a full Corojo blend, from the binder, to the filler to the wrapper.

Pedro Martin Cigars

The Pedro Martin Ruby starts out with a very nice, consistent, medium brown, oily wrapper. The light was just reflecting off of all the oil on this cigar. The wrapper is very smooth with only 1 larger vein running the body of the cigar up to the seamless, round double cap. The cigar is really firm, with no soft spots, but the wrapper seems to be very delicate. The wrapper gives off a very slight hay scent, and lots of spice coming from the foot. The cigar cut clean and easy letting out a nice earthy, grassy cold draw. The draw is a little tight, but it pumps out a ton of smoke. The retrohale was a bit harsh with tons of spice. Effortless. The Ruby starts off with a ton of pepper up from with some nice spice, tons of woodsy flavors and even some orange tart in there. The flavors are interesting, and the pepper actually lasted the entire length of the cigar, but was never too overbearing. The Ruby finished off overall very smooth with absolutely no harshness built up. The burnline was dead even the entire time leaving behind a nice, white compacted trail of ash. The Rudy smoked at an average speed taking about an hour to take down from start to finish.

The Ruby is a good, solid stick. The flavors are great, and not too complex, however my only gripe is they really didn’t change up much, if at all. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just something I look forward to. This cigar is something I’d smoke again, but I’d probably only buy it in handfuls.

Pedro Martin Cigars

The Pedro Martin Gold is  a beautiful Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapped cigar. The wrapper just looks awesome. Its this really rustic, dark brown and light brown, beaten looking cigar. I really don’t like when Connecticut cigars look all machine-made and this cigar really sets that idea aside. The cigar is really smooth, only showing a few small, smooth veins leading up to round, double cap. There wasn’t a lot of oil, on the wrapper, but the cigar feels like silk. The cigar is very firm, and heavy giving a tough bounce-back when it’s compressed between  my fingers. The wrapper gives off a nice woodsy smell with only a very light tobacco scent from the foot. The Gold was very easy to cut, letting loose these really interesting sweet brown sugar, and grassy cold draw. The Pedro Martin Gold starts off with a mouthful of pepper with quickly fades into a nice soft wood, deep rich spice, and this neat little sugar cookie flavor from some sweet tobacco. This cigar gives off a ton of stationary smoke, and carried a perfect burnline the entire time leaving behind a medium grey, semi-compacted trail of ash. The cigar is very mild and creamy.

Overall, The Pedro Martin Gold just didn’t do it for me, but don’t take that to heart. I’m not a Connecticut guy. If you do like Connecticut then I think the Pedro Martin Gold is a great place to start. The construction was perfect, the flavors were smooth, and plentiful, and the burn was perfect the entire time.

Pedro Martin Cigars

The Pedro Martin Corojo bares the same stellar construction as the other 2 in the line. The wrapper is an extremely consistent milky brown. The cigar is firm for the most part with only a few soft sports around the foot. One thing Pedro Martin is doing right is the construction for their cigars. They are just spot on. I had to look real hard to find any sign of veins in the Corojo. It’s almost perfectly smooth all the way up to its round double cap. The rapper gives off a nice woodsy and cinnamon scent with some really bold spice from the foot. As with the other two blends the Corojo cut easy and clean with my double bladed cutter. The cold draw gives off a ton of wood and spice. Once lit, the Corojo starts off with a ton of pepper tingly my tongue and lips. After the pepper fades the cigar comes alive with a ton of the deep, oaky flavor I have come to expect from Corojo cigars. Outside of the oak the Corojo kicks out some other smooth woodsy tastes with lots of spice and even some black cherry. The burnline again, was spot on, and the ash was a really nice compacted medium grey with some darker spots. The retrohale was great, priming with a really nice woodsy coat. The Corojo finished with only a very light nicotine kick. This cigar took about an hour to smoke.

I think it’s safe to say that out of the entire blend, the Corojo was the  one that really got me excited. The flavors are deep, full, and there is a ton of them. Construction was perfect, and the entire smoking experience was smooth. This is a cigar I’d keep around, buy and handfuls, and probably even by the box.


AND NOW!!! To announce the winner of out Macanudo 1968 box contest! Steve Garrr!! Please email me at casasfumand0(at)gmail(dot)com

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