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Jas Sum Kral Nuggs Natural

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Oh hai! It’s been a while. Work and life have just been crazy but we are still hear kicking out reviews when we can. This week I take a look at the Jas Sum Kral Nuggs paired with a bottle of Prairie Artisan Ales’ Oh Fudge Imperial Stout beer. 

Jas Sum Kral Nuggs CBD Infused Cigar

The Good Stuff:

It’s been quite some time since a cigar has made as much noise as the The Jas Sum Kral Nuggs has over the past few months. Nuggs is the first cigar to be manufactured using hemp-derived CBD oil. 20mg to be exact. I’ve had my share of CBD oil in different methods so I am really looking forward to seeing what adding this to a cigar is like. The Jas Sum Kral Nuggs is offered in two wrappers (Habano and Maduro) and a single 4 x 48 format. The cigar is blended using an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Indonesian binder and Nicaraguan fillers from the Jalapa and Condega regions. The cigars come packaged in boxes of 25 and run around $12 per stick. Huge thanks goes out to the Jas Sum Kral team for sending a few of these our way to review. 

  • Size: 4 x 48
  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
  • Binder: Indonesian
  • Filler: Nicaraguan 
  • Body: Medium/Full
  • Strength: Medium
  • Price: $12
  • Pairing: Prairie Artisan Ales Oh Fudge (Imperial Stout 11.5% ABV)

Jas Sum Kral Nuggs CBD Infused Cigar


The Jas Sum Kral Nuggs starts off with a beautiful looking, consistency milky brown wrapper which has a soft gleam of orange as the light reflects off of it. The wrapper showcases some small veins, and light webbing as the texture of the wrapper is very thin and delicate with some light tooth and a ton of oils coating it. The cigar as a whole feels nicely packed and carries no soft spots what so ever. The cigar is capped off with a double-wrapped rounded cap and a detailed gold and green band with the Jas Sum Kral crest along with the word “Nuggs” printed in white in the front. 

Jas Sum Kral Nuggs CBD Infused Cigar

The wrapper on The Jas Sum Kral Nuggs gives off little more than a sweet cedar aroma while the foot of the cigar ha some earthiness, pepper, cedar, and spice. The cap cut clean and easily using my Xikar XO double bladed cutter. The cold draw releases light cedar, sweetness, and earthiness. 

Jas Sum Kral Nuggs CBD Infused Cigar

First Third:

The Jas Sum Kral Nuggs starts out with a huge blast of black pepper which caught me off-guard a bit. The pepper quickly fades after the first few puffs as it leaves me with strong notes of cocoa, cedar, sweet brown sugar and earthiness with some light grassy and floral flavors. The draw is flawless. Each little puff kicks out a massive cloud of thick, white smoke which hangs around for a good amount of time before dissipating while the cigar releases only trace amounts of stationery smoke as it rests in my ashtray. The burn line is dead even and razor thin leaving behind a trail of tightly compacted medium/dark gray which held on for about an inch before falling into my ashtray. 

Jas Sum Kral Nuggs CBD Infused Cigar

Second Third:

Into the second third of the Jas Sum Kral Nuggs and I am surprised by the pepper coming back into the fold. While much more subtle than the start of the experience, the pepper and spice is adding a nice layer to an already encouraging cigar. The other flavors are strong cedar, sweetness, soft cocoa, vanilla, and earthy floral flavors. The cigar started off great and continues to get better as I smoke on. The retrohale is actually very light and manageable bringing more of the spice and cedar into the mix. The cigar is still burning like a dream and I close out the second third with nothing in terms of a nicotine kick.

Jas Sum Kral Nuggs CBD Infused Cigar


Into the final third of the Jas Sum Kral Nuggs and both the body and strength in the cigar have increased significantly pushing the cigar over the crest into medium/full in both arenas. The flavor still leads with lots of cedar, sweetness, and earthiness backed by soft spice, pepper, grass and floral flavors. This is a great flavor profile. For being such a small format cigar I was impressed that it burned so slowly taking me an hour and a half to smoke down to the nub. And I nubbed the hell out of this one. I experience no extra heat, nor any harshness as I close out the experience with only a light amount of nicotine. I never once had to touch up or relight the cigar.  

Jas Sum Kral Nuggs CBD Infused Cigar


As far as the cigar experience goes, its a great one. I really enjoyed the flavor profile which was complex enough to keep me entertained without making me think to much about what was going on in there. The construction was flawless and the burn was perfect from start to finish. As for the relaxing aspects of the CBD oil, I’m not sure if I really felt that or not. I can be a bit skeptical, but at the same time my most relaxing time of the week is when I am out back with a cigar and a beer so I was already at optimal rest. All in all the Jas Sum Kral Nuggs is a damn good cigar and one that I will definitely keep in my humidor. I really cannot wait to try the maduro version. 

Jas Sum Kral Nuggs CBD Infused Cigar


With the sweetness and cocoa flavors in the Jas Sum Kral Nuggs I decided to go big and pair this cigar with Prairie Artisan Ales’ Oh Fudge!. This Imperial stout is brewed with heaps of brownies coming in at 11.5% ABV. The beer starts off with bold dark-chocolate, caramel, malt, vanilla, and a bit of light berry with a heavy mouthfeel before finishing with a ton of sweet fudge, caramel, vanilla, and a soft booze bite. I was a bit worried that this beer may overpower the cigar but the Nuggs really held its own and it made for a perfect pairing. 

Prairie Artisan Ales Oh Fudge

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