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Garo Habano Centum

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Garo Habano Centum

My next Garo Habano up for review is the Centum. Out of all the samples we received this one was the most visually appealing to me because of the wonderful color on the wrapper and the antique looking band. The way the text is written sort of reminded me of an old carnival type of advertisement. This interesting cigar comes in 5 sizes all using classic names and sizes:

Robusto (4.75×52), Corona (5.5×42), Toro (6.52), Churchill (7×48), and Salomon (7.5×58)

You can read a little bit more about the Garo Habano Centum by visiting their website at The cigar comes wrapped with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. I was excited to try this one out since I’ve had some great smokes that have wrappers from Ecuador. The description on the site also had some nice notes in it like toast, cocoa and espresso.

I’ve added a new section at the bottom of this review for pairings. Let me know what you all think of that little section at the bottom. If I get good feedback I’ll keep adding it to my reviews to help give you all some suggestions on what to pair the cigars with.

Garo Habano Centum

Cigar: Garo Habano Centum
Drink: Taylor Fladgate 10 year old Tawny Port
Vitola: Robusto (4.75 x 52)
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Honduran Habano
Filler: Nicaraguan
Price: $6.00/stick from the Garo Habano Website
Burn Time: 1.25 Hours

• Very nice orange and cream colored band, almost antique looking with lots of little detail
• Very appealing medium brown and oily wrapper
• Two large veins running down the sides that will likely cause burn issues
• Cleanly applied double cap
• Foot has some holes in it and some of the filler appears to be very dark brown, almost black in color
• The bit of dark filler was also under the cap after cutting
• Consistent firmness throughout with a bit of spring to it
• Pre-light draw was very open on one sample, others were just right
• Lots of glue under the band and it caused a small tear in the wrapper, didn’t cause any major problems though

Garo Habano Centum

• Toasting was difficult, center filler wouldn’t catch and wrapper started burning early, causing some burn issues right off the start
• Open draw causing resulted in a quick burn on one stick
• Slightly wavy burn line throughout
• One major correction required at the halfway point
• Staying lit easily, doesn’t need extra attention

• Big mouthful of smoke
• Very light resting smoke

• Light grey in color
• A bit of flaking
• Held on for over 1.5 inches

Garo Habano Centum

Tasting Notes:
• Dry aroma has a light barnyard scent and a hint of pepper
• Pre-light draw was more barnyard scent and some spiciness on the lips
• Initial draws are earthy and woodsy
• Lots of spice on the retrohale, short finish
• Body starting off in the mild-medium range
• About an inch in, the woodsy notes changed to a burning wood flavor, I personally really enjoy this flavor, reminds me of a camp fire
• Although the flavors are consistent and smooth, they haven’t changed and I’m passed the halfway point
• Some bitterness crept in with about 2 inches left

Final Thoughts:
The tasting notes on the website promise a variety of flavors (espresso, toast, cocoa) and complexity that I did not pick up in this cigar, the flavor was pretty straight forward. As with all my Garo’s so far, the flavors have been quite enjoyable. The downside is that they never change throughout the cigar. Let me be clear that this is not necessarily a bad thing. It is just a preference of mine to have some dimension to a cigar. The body never passed medium and it wasn’t overly complex, which makes this a good early day or beginner’s cigar.

Pairing Suggestions:
I paired this with some Tawny port and thought it made an ‘okay’ match. The flavors in a port are usually quite strong and sometimes very sweet and I find they match better with a full bodied cigar. The Habano wrapper made me think this was going to have a little more body than it did. A good red wine such as a merlot, or a dark porter/stout would make an excellent pairing. Light beers would not mix well. For non-alcoholic pairings, I’d suggest a diet soda.

Garo Habano Centum

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