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Drew Estate Natural Root Cigar Review

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Finally grinding down the gears and getting to a few reviews I have been neglecting. Not that they are bad cigars, I’ve just had so many since I started reviewing. Today I am reviewing Drew Estate’s Natural Root.
Drew Estate Natural Root

Drew Estate Natural Root

Natural is a long-time running blend from Drew Estate’s Production Director Jonathan Drew’s insane mind. There are many different blends, wrappers, and shapes to this line, each one very different from the other, all equally enjoyable.

The Good Stuff: Each cigar from the Natural line is composed of all-natural black smoking tobacco leaves farmed in Syria, Turkey, St. James Parish, and other exotic South-American countries, and then combined with the finest Nicaraguan leaf, mostly grown in Drew Estate’s own farms in Esteli Nicaragua.

Size: 5 x 50  –  Wrapper: Maduro  – Filler: Nicaraguan  –  Strength: Medium – Full Bodied

Prelight: Much like the Natural Dirt Torpedo, the first characteristic you notice about this cigar is its dark, chocolate colored wrapper. The cigar itself carries a few larger veins, but not anything that will get in the way of enjoyment. I have had more than 3/4 of Drew Estate’s Natural line and I must say that I am deeply impressed which each and every cigar. This cigar is as usual, perfectly constructed with no signs of soft spots, unwrapping or any overall flaws. The head sports a large rounded cap, and the foot is yet another “shaggy foot” profile. I enjoy lighting these. The cigar itself smells VERY sweet with hints of brown sugar and creamy cocoa. As usual I am using a Cuban Crafters “Perfecto” double bladed cutter, and a standard single flame colibri torch.

First Smoke: Because of the shaggy foot the cigar is incredibly easy to light. It takes the pain out of having to constantly rotate the foot of the cigar under the flame. Instantaneously a strong smell of creamy mocha, herbs, brown sugar, with hints of fruit and wine fill the area. The cigar itself is incredibly sweet, not as sweet as the Dirt Torpedo, but pretty damn close. The cigar at the point is burning perfectly. The Root puts out a large draw, and it is very, very, thick and smooth. This may annoy some second-hand smokers, but the pleasant scent makes up for it. I got a good inch of ash before it gave way.

Halfway There: The Natural Root is still very flavorful and is getting more and more creamy by the draw. This is one of the first cigars I have had that started out strong, but became smoother as it progressed. At this time the fruit taste has vanished, but the mocha/brown sugar still remains. I am showing no signs of unwrapping, and the cigar is still burning as clean as ever.

Finish: About halfway through the cigar got a lot smoother, and stayed smooth all the way through the nub. The fruit and wine tastes are completely gone at this point, but the mocha brown sugar and almost espresso taste are still very present, but not over-powering. There were absolutely no signs of mis-construction. The cigar took me just over an hour to smoke, and that had to be the only bad part about it. Not that is burned fast, it was just a smaller sized cigar.


Would I try it again? In a heartbeat.

Would I suggest it? To anyone and everyone who enjoys cigars. One great thing about the natural line is it’s not as powerful in taste as the ACID infused line. So not only aromatic smokes, but more traditional smokers and both enjoy and appreciate it. These cigars are VERY easy to fine, and at a very reasonable price.

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