Contest Day #6 – Ortega Cigar Company (and Contest #5 winner)

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So this will be my last post here until next week. I leave you all in the loving hands of Daniel-son. He will be minding the last 3 days of the contest (good luck to you, young padawan). Anywho, before I get into today’s contest I wanted to again, thank each and every single one of you for all the support. You guys keep this site going, and give Daniel and I the motivation to write up these reviews. Your comments, feedback, and constant Canada-bashing are what make this site what it is. Again, thank you so much.

Anyways, enough with the mushy stuff. Up for grabs today are 3, yes 3 samplers from Eddie Ortega’s new venture, Ortega cigar company. Three lucky winners will each receive a sampler box containing 5 cigars, one of each size, of Eddie’s debut blend the Serie “D”.

Most of you know Eddie for his work alongside his former partner in crime, Erik Espinosa over at E.O. Brands. The two are responsible for some great blends such as the Cubao, the 601, and the Murcielago. Eddie recently parted ways with Erik in search of something new. Spawning from that, comes Ortega Cigar Company and their first release, the Serie “D”. For more information on Eddie and the Serie “D” you can read our review here, Follow Ortega Cigar Company on Facebook, Follow Eddie Ortega on Twitter, or check out Ortega Cigar Company’s site.

Now how do you win one of these bad boys?

Again, I am going to keep it simple for you guys. Has anyone who knows Eddie, or has ever seen pictures of this guy, not seen him smiling? I’m sure there are a few “serious” Eddies out there, but they are few and far between. Now let’s put a smile on his face. I would like you guys to put your thinking caps on again and reply to this post with what you think, the “D” in Serie “D” stands for. Make it funny, clever, mushy, whatever. Just don’t be mean. I will choose 3 random winners tomorrow that will receive one of these awesome samplers.

And now, to announce yesterday’s winner!

The Great Gary has chosen, but before I reveal his favorite “nut kick”, I’d like to pass out a few honorable mentions:

Paul Tyler: I would love Gary to give the entire cast of “Jersey Shore” a kick in the nuts…with the conclusion of season 5 last week, I am hoping a good swift kick by Gary to the nut sacks of all of them will prevent a season 6. Please Gary…stop this train wreck…put an end to their 15 minutes of fame! Now! Please! I know you can do it!

He had a few follow ups that basically took the words right out of my mouth:
Tadd Replied: Can I vote for Paul Tyler instead…. ? the fact he knows Jersey Shore has a 5th seasons…. deserves him a kick in the crotch….bwahahahahahahahaha
Paul Tyler Replied: Um, er, it is the guilty pleasure of the bartender at the curling club…it is on every Thursday night while I am there…she fills me in on the details…um, yeah, that’s it.
– Daniel Replied: Sure Paul, Sure… we believe you…. Lol

Luan N: I think gary should kick peyton manning in the nuts for taking all this time and playing with the minds of 4-5 different fan bases, and then getting tim tebow’s hopes of ever starting for a team again, for choosing the denver broncos. Hopefully manning’s nuts go up high enough into his neck so we can see how far along his procedure has come. – Just cause I like Tebow. I’m not a football fan, but how can you not like this guy?

And Josh: I have a last minute change for my Gary nut kick. My church burned down today and two 13 year old boys have been arrested for arson. Those two truly deserve a HUGE kick in the sack – I’d personally like to kick them in the nuts for you.

And the winner, carefully chosen by Gary himself:

abraxas828282! – I have heard that Gary is a vampire, I have heard that Gary is older than the hills, I have heard that Gary is Superman’s, Batman’s, and Luke Skywalkers real father. I have even heard that Gary is in fact the true Dos Equis guy! Therefore, I would like to see Gary do something truly amazing and kick himself in the nuts! – You make him sound so sexy. Email your name, phone, and address to “[email protected]” and we will get your winnings out to you!

Tony Casas is a 32 year old Creative Managing/Webdesigning/Craft Beer Drinking Cigar smoker from El Paso, Texas. When he isn't loving his wife he is either sleepy, hungry, or suffering from a headache.


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