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Casas Fumando’s Best of 2010

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Yup, it’s that time of year again. The normal rounds off the blogesphere will be filled with each site’s best cigars of 2010. I love it. Anything involving tastes is extremely subjective and it’s always fun to see what each person found “the cream of the crop”. Daniel and I have spent the last week in debating, moving, adjusting, hell – even arguing about which cigars should be included in out top 10. Alas, this list was created. We tried to keep on top of things this year but there was just waaayyy too many new blends hitting the market. Naturally, we didn’t get to try them all. But here is what we have!

#10 – Tatuaje – Tabacos El Triunfador

Recent blends by Pete Johnson and Don Pepin have all been successful. This particular one may have fallen off peoples radars since it was released earlier this year. The cigar offers a sweet and nutty mild-bodied smoke that is accented with some cedar and subtle spices all wrapped in a gorgeous looking package. They do smoke a bit fast but the experience is very enjoyable.

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#9 – Padron – Family Reserve 46 Years

Padron is a company who continuously rocks the cigar community with top rated blend, after blend and 2010 was no exception. The Padron Family Reserve 46 years is the newest extension to the Reserve line, and it a flawless addition indeed. From the awesome box-press vitola, to the deep cedar flavors the 46 year will be making the ranks of top cigars of 2010 lists everywhere. Although we loved the hell out of this cigar, the price tag was just a little too steep to put this cigar higher in the list.

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#8 – Casa Fernandez – Aganorsa Leaf

This is a well constructed cigar from Casa Fernandez that packs itself with a fair bit of full body. The cigar is well balanced and plays mainly on some peppery spices and cedar notes but mixes in some coffee, nutty, and leather flavors to keep it interesting right down the nub.

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#7 – CAO – La Traviata Maduro

CAO had a big hit with its well priced La Traviata and the Maduro wrapped version of that cigar did not disappoint. With the same favorable price range, this blend maintains its tasty flavors of spice and cedar, the full body, it’s perfect balance and consistency while adding a nice chocolate and coffee sweetness that the Maduro wrapper offers up.

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#6 – My Father Cigars – Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial

Great blending seems to run in the family, this offering from Don Pepin Gracias’ son, Jaime, is a beautifully constructed cigar. It has an oily dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, kicks off with a typical Pepin spice and pepper and is complimented with nuances of coffee, cocoa and cedar. The smooth and balanced cigar offers a fantastic medium to full smoke, take you time and enjoy it!

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#5 – La Aurora – Serie Anniversario 107

Miami Cigar has turned out a lot of great cigars this year and the 107 is a very tasty smoke that generated a lot of buzz in the online community. Although released earlier this year, a lancero vitola was made available later in the year which is another great way to experience this line. It’s sweet and fruity flavors are complimented by a smooth spice that offers a great balance in a medium bodied cigar.

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#4 – Illusione – Singulare Phantom

One of our favorite manufacturer’s really stepped their game up this year producing his first limited release to date. Dion Giolito of Illusione cigars raised the bar (and my future expectations) when it comes to quality when he released this year’s Singulare series “The Phantom”. The Phantom is a milder blend jam packed with sweet tobacco, honey, and creamy earth flavors resulting in an all around stellar smoking experience.

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#3 – AVO – Limited Edition 2010

AVO is known for their milder take on cigar blending, but they really stepped out of their comfort zone when they created the LE10. Knocking it out of the ballpark with a strong mix of Ecuadorian, Mexican, and Nicaraguan tobaccos which, when mixed properly produce a flavor bomb full of just enough body to cure all your cravings. The only con to this cigar is the fact that it’s so limited.

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#2 Drew Estate – Liga Privada Unicos Series Dirty Rat

Drew Estate does it again with another remarkable addition to the Liga Privada line. The Dirty Rat satisfies not only the boldest of cigar smoker’s needs, but the complex cedar, earthy, cocoa notes wrapped up into a tiny little corona sized package are enough to make any smoker fall in love at first draw.

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#1 Miami Cigars – La Sirena 

Photo Courtesy of Jackie at Bonita Smoke Shop

Miami Cigar’s La Sirena came out of nowhere and blind-sided the cigar community with a late start this year. We can personally say that we didn’t expect the diamond of a cigar that the La Sirena is, but I won’t be surprised to see this cigar at the top of most, if not all the lists this year. Pepin puts forth a fruity, coffee, sweet tobacco, and spicy blend all in a full body package. Who could ask for more?

We know, we know, this is the ONLY cigar in our top 10 that we do not have a review for. But Trust us, as soon as we get my hands on more (we were too busy “enjoying” them)

Honorable Mentions

Cuban Cohiba Behike
Although it didn’t make the top 10, we still think the Cuban Cohiba Behike should be mentioned. This is an absolutely amazing cigar. From the construction, to the flavorful and attention grabbing blend, the Behike stands alone. The only factor keeping it out of the race was the price. At $40 – $80 a stick we just couldn’t justify having this cigar top the list

K.A. Kendall’s 7-20-4 Dogwalker
This cigar would definitely have made this list but unfortunately it is not a new line this year, only a new size. The small size packs the same delicious flavors of cedar, subtle spices and a very interesting sweet dried raison, all in a short smoke that can be easily enjoyed on cold days or your drive home.

View the full review of the 7-20-4 here

Tatuaje Petit Reserva & Verocu No. 5
Another two cigars but Pete Johnson that are short quick smokes but pack the flavors of their full sized brothers. There some sweetness, spice, cedar and coffee notes on both of these cigars. I got a little more sweetness on the Verocu No. 5 and a bit more body and spice from the Petit Reserva but both were very tasty!

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