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Well here we are, the final winner announcement post of our 3 Year Anniversary Contest over at Casas Fumando. We both have to say it’s been an absolute joy reading everyones comments and checking out all the picture entries we received. We were overwhelmed by the amount of participation from our fantastic readers and the awesome support we received from our sponsors.

As we mentioned in our original post, we both do this out of sheer enjoyment. To share our thoughts and get in touch with others who share the same passion that we do and we believe we’ve come a long way and accomplished quite a bit in our time here thus far. Now we have to admit that the joy we take from this site would be significantly decreased if it wasn’t for the awesome feedback we receive you all of you, our readers. Everytime we get an email notification that there’s been a comment on our posts, we rush to open our emails to see who it is and what they have to say! Whether it’s a frequent visitor or a new name we’ve yet to see, it’s always a treat.

Now we need to take a moment to recognize all the wonderful sponsors that made our contest possible. The support they provide to us on a regular basis is truly amazing and rarely found in many industries. The cigar world is an unbelievable mix of friendly people and companies that make it a joy to be a part of. So one more time, here’s the list of awesome sponsors, let’s give them a grand (virtual) round of applause!

Bonita Smoke Shop

Roma Craft ToBac

E.P. Carrillo

Rocketfuel Coffee

Emilio Cigars

Ortega Cigar Company

Miami Cigar

Joya De Nicaragua

Smoke Inn

Thank again to our wonderful sponsors!

Now onto the Honorable Mentions from our FINAL Day #9 – Smoke Inn

Now we first need to admit this contest theme had probably our favorite responses of the entire 9 days. There were some awesomely hilarious answers and we were glad to see everyone jumping in and poking fun at both Tony and myself. Any frequent reader will know we love to bash each other for various reasons, especially because Tony is such a slacker (see what I did there! 🙂 ). Without further adieu, let’s check out some of our funniest comments, 2 chosen by me and 2 chosen by Tony!

Tony’s Honorable Mention #1 – Troy Taormina

I can’t decide who I like best because I believe you are both one and the same person (kinda like that fight club movie). You tipped your hand in one of the comments above with your Toniel/Danielony comments. That was the missing piece of the puzzle I needed to solve this once and for all. I’ve never seen you both in the same room, so I must be correct about ths. And you are so duplicitous, you have created one personality in Texas and one all the way in Canada- just to throw us off the trail. It’s pure genius, but I have discovered your secret, Toniel/Danielony.

Fight Club was an awesome movie! haha, very creative Troy!

Tony’s Honorable Mention #2 – Val

Gentleman. Appreciate the contest love this week. Its been great reading everyones storys of smoking and enjoying life and all the memories created by this wonderful hobby, scratch that, lifestyle we have chosen. Todays round is tough, like asking a father to pick which of his children is his favorite.
Tonys got seniority but Daniel has breathed fresh life into the site. Im sure Tony will attest that constantly coming up with fresh new content is a full time job for one man. Appreceiate the time you have put in for the benefit of your readers! You both have a great sense of humor and I have been compelled to start pairing my smokes with some really good beers and wines in large part because of you guys and being jealous about the flavors youre getting from your smokes that you havent picked up before and vice versa. You both have a gift for photography. Love the shots Tony comes away with and Daniel has stepped up the creativity with the “cigar in the tree” or the “cigar in the wrought iron fence” shot…. lol. More than anything I want to say thanks for your efforts. I cant imagine how much time you guys put into this site but I appreciate it very much and look forward to getting an email everyday saying there is a new post up on the site.
Gotta say thanks to Abe as well. Abe is great guy and a great advocate for all of us and this passion we share. He has built great relationships with cigar manufacturers and created some great blends with them. The Tat Anarchy was amazing and the Pardon SI was fantastic as well. Highly reccomend your readers catch his radio show on the weekend. Great interviews with all the stars of this industry.
In closing of this ass kissing bonanza…. In all seriousness. Thanks to you guys. Appreciate all you do. Look forward to the reviews and the love on twitter. The cigar community is bar none the greatest in all the world. The fact that a Canuck and a Cow Poke from TX like Tony can connect and appreciate one another and have a common ground out the gate is awesome. Happy anniversary! Looking forward to many more reviews.

Kissing butt doesn’t always pay off but this time it got you an honorable mention and almost a prize pack! haha. Thanks again for the awesome words Val!

Daniel’s Honorable Mention #1 – Josh

To be honest with you after this awesome contest I would spoon with either of you (or both) and I am an extremely heterosexual man. I put my vote in for Tony because he liked my photo from last week. Great site and contest, I have it bookmarked and will look often.

This one made me crack up, shows just how far a grown man will go to get some good cigars! HAHAHA, thanks for the laugh Josh, even though you chose Tony!

Daniel’s Honorable Mention #2 – Dan

Hmm..who do I like better…This sure is a tough one…
Tony “T-bags” Casas
– His last name means “houses”
– Pairs his cigars with water because, “who cares!”
– Has a photo bombing pussy cat
Cons: See above
Daniel ‘DALAMLDADASMMOSUSESUISUSOsus.32120(sx)” T(nobody knows his last name”
– Endless supply of beer glasses
– Grows a mean mustache
– Has a penchon for buggery
– See pro #4
After careful deliberation for many hours…Drum roll please……………..*drum roll*
DT with a side order of TC, a tall glass of I&G and some rainbow ice cream on a waffle cone.

Not only do you have an awesome name, you also have some great creativity! lol Well done!

Now for our winner of the Smoke Inn Prizepack!

So here is our winner chosen by both of to ensure some fairness and unbiased winner! We actually battled over this one a bit since there were so many great comments.

Our big winner is Michael Constantine

In a society predicated on the basis “What have you done for me lately?” I am going to say I may dislike you both equally. “Why?” you may ask. Well I’ll tell you why. All your contests state that making a simple comment is all that is neccesary to win. However, all winning entries were elaborate and well thought out. Now, being that I am retarded in conveying my stories and thoughts onto paper, I thought to myself, “Wow!, a simple contest even a half witted (good looking and successful) dude like myself can win.” Every passing day my hopes and dreams for all dim wits alike were dashed as the apparent “young author” winners of my youth had struck once again. My stories are the funniest (Ortega D named after the recently deceased Heavy D) or the most polished. But damnit, how many of us BOL are? Imagination is not my strong suit but right now I will pretend to like Tony better because after all, he is supplying the winners info to Abe. Also I have read some of his reviews and his writing skills are on par with mine!

See Michael, whining works sometimes! haha. funny write up here, you had us both laughing! Enjoy the prize pack!

Congrats! Please email your name, and address to “[email protected]”. Thanks again to everyone who entered this contest and all the others we’ve been running. We had a great time with this and we hope you all did too!

Daniel T. (a.k.a. Dalamscius) is an IT Professional from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He enjoys cigars, scuba diving, hockey, fishing, nature and anything that challenges his mind. If he's not sitting on his big comfy couch or at work you can usually find him in a boat on top of the water or 100ft under the water enjoying a dive. He is engaged to a wonderful Fiance and looking forward to his wedding. Feel free to contact Daniel anytime via email (dalamscius[at]gmail[dot]com). And make sure to follow him on twitter


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