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Quick Draw – PDR Cigars – AFR-75 Edicion Limitada

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I trust that you had a very relaxing, cigar filled Thanksgiving! Today, I bring to you a Quick Draw of the AFR-75 Edicion Limitada by PDR Cigars. Since PDR Cigars’ website looks as if it has not been updated since 2012, I had to do a little searching to find some information on this cigar. This is according to a press release I located at

The AFR-75 will be available in three sizes; the Sublime(5×56), the Edmundo(6×58), and the Inmenso(7×60). There will only be 500 boxes per size made available this year. The AFR-75 marks the second release in a series of signature lines from PDR. AFR-75 references the initials for Master Blender Abraham Flores Rosario and his year of birth, 1975. “I’m really excited about the new lines. We had a lot of success with the A. Flores Serie Privada line and we’re going to be doing more special release small batch projects. As a blender I have a lot of fun creating different blends that we can put out in smaller amounts for the hardcore cigar guys to enjoy”, says Abe Flores of PDR Cigars.

PDR Cigars AFR-75 Edicion Limitada

The Facts
Sample Provided by PDR Cigars
Price: $14.18 per single / $340.20 per box of 24 (
Vitola: Gordo
Size: 6 by 58
Wrapper: Mexican San Andres
Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan Criollo 98, Connecticut Broadleaf and Dominican
Smoke Time: 2 Hours and 10 Minutes


As I examined the AFR-75, I immediately noticed the consistency in its dark chocolate wrapper all the way to its pig-tailed cap. This is a beautiful cigar to look at. There was only one medium sized vein on the leaf and the cigar was fairly bumpy.  Going with a straight cut, I came across a draw that had a tad more resistance than preferred.


The draw was bit firm at the start of the cigar, however, a decent amount of smoke was still being produced. The cigar burned exceptionally well through the first third.  After the first ashed dropped at an inch and a half the draw opened up and began producing much more smoke. At the midway point, a quick touch-up was required to get the burn back in-line.  The ash became flaky after the touch-up but still held to an inch before falling my ashtray.


The wrapper had a faint barnyard scent, while the foot showed off notes of sweet chocolate and natural, rich tobacco After taking my time lighting the 58 ring gauge stick, this limited edition cigar was off to the races. Dark earth notes, leather, and spice awakened my palate and instantly grabbed my attention. There was also some sweetness that landed on my tongue when the smoke first arrived in my mouth and a tartness to it that I have come to expect with cigars that utilize Mexican San Andres tobacco. The retrohale brought out  cedar notes that I did not notice beforehand and lots of black pepper.  As the cigar progressed, I began to pick up on faint cocoa notes in the profile.  In the final third, some buttery flavors arrived, as well as some toasted notes…. Just like buttered toast.  The flavors began on the medium side, but as the draw opened the flavors did as well.


The AFR-75 was one heck of an enjoyable smoke. The earth, leather, cocoa, and spice suited my palate very well. The construction of the AFR-75 was just about perfect, which was reflected in its excellent performance. The single touch-up took nothing away from the experience. If you enjoy San Andres tobacco and bold cigars, the AFR-75 Edicion Limitada will be right up your alley. This cigar is worthy of a five pack purchase even with its hefty price tag.

Jeremy Hensley is a bean counter for a non-profit in El Paso, Texas. He is married to the most understanding wife (he still can’t figure out how she puts up with his cigar smoking hobby), and blessed with two beautiful children. When he is not acting like a kid, he enjoys everything outdoors, especially fishing with his dad in the Great Lakes. Also, he meets the criteria of being a Casa Fumando reviewer: being a hockey fan. Feel free to contact Jeremy anytime via email (jmhensley13[at]gmail[dot]com). And make sure to follow him on twitter


  1. jjo

    December 5, 2013 at 12:35 pm

    I’ve been wondering about these. Sounds great, but that price does take it outside of my comfort zone.

    Thanks for not being a slacker like someone we know and getting a review up this week, haha!

    • Jeremy Hensley

      December 6, 2013 at 10:22 pm


      I guess Tony thinks giving away a box of cigars will hide his lack of work ethic,,,,but you and I know the truth. To be honest, if I was not provided the sample of the AFR, I probably would not grab it of the shelf due to the price. However, now that I have smoke it, I would be willing to grab one or five in the future.


  2. czerbe

    December 5, 2013 at 1:19 pm

    I have had other PDR sticks in the past and I enjoyed them, these looks like a stellar stick and I hope to try one out in the Near future. Great review.

    • Jeremy Hensley

      December 6, 2013 at 10:24 pm


      PDR has been hit or miss with me in the past but the cigars that have been coming out lately have been exceptional, specifically AFR-75 and La Hermandad Costa Fuerte. Let us know what you think if you have an opportunity to smoke one.


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