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Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Todos Las Dias + Contest Winner

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This is probably one of the longest runs I have had here without slacking it. Congrats to me! Also, congrats to the winner of last week’s contest! You’ll be announced below. Until then, let’s take a look at the Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Todos Las Dias paired with a bottle of Prairie Artisan Ale’s Barrel Aged Bible Belt.

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Todos Las Dias

The Good Stuff:

Todo Las Dias is the newest offering from Steve Saka’s Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust. It first made it’s debut at last year’s IPCPR show where it was released in very limited quantities, but wasn’t formally released to the general public until last week. Here is what Steve Saka himself has to say about the line:

“Todos Las Dias is my personal Spanglish translation meaning “All the Days.” The workers at Joya de Nicaragua often cringe at my casual butchering of their mother tongue, but in my opinion cigars are far more than a grammar lesson to abide, they are the physical manifestation of a feeling and of an experience. TLD embodies the classic bold flavors that represent the heart of their soil’s peppery tobaccos and the labor of their always working hands. For me, this spicy Nicaraguan puro reflects no pretentious airs or any of that ‘notes of pencil lead with a hint of fennel’ nonsense. It is an honest, hardworking cigar intended to be smoked by men who know what it means to be a cigar smoker and never give a damn about what others think.”

“It is a supple, sungrown Cuban Seed capa which encapsulates its intricate tripa recipe of rich Jalapa and Esteliano tobaccos. From the first puff, there is no doubt of the origin of this cigar or that it is intended solely for the seasoned cigar smoker. What I love about this liga is that it builds; so many stronger blends start off super peppery and robust only to mellow out as you smoke them. Whereas the Todos Las Dias does just the opposite; it begins smooth and then escalates in strength and body, it almost lulls you into false sense of security. It is a much heavier liga than you will have realized until you go to stand up afterwards.”

Thanks goes out to Cigar Coop for the info.

Todo Las Dias is a Nicaraguan puro line, meaning of course that the Wrapper, Binder, and Fillers are all from Nicaragua. The Todos Las Dias will come in four sizes: Short Churchill (4.75 x 48), Double Wide Belicoso (4.74 x 60), Robusto (5 x 50) and the Toro (6 x 52). Each format comes packaged in boxes of 10 running between $10.59 and $12.59 a stick. I purchased mine order from our friends at 2 Guys Smoke Shop.

Size: 4.75 x 48
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Body: Full
Strength: Medium/Full
Price: $10.59
Pairing: Prairie Artisan Ales Barrel Aged Bible Belt (Imperial Stout 13% ABV)

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Todos Las Dias


The Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Todos Las Dias starts out with a stunning, very consistent dark brown wrapper. While the color is extremely consistent with it’s reddish-tinted dark brown color there are a few darker areas found through the natural webbing in the tobacco leaf. The wrapper’s texture is very toothy and gritty with a whole ton of oils that actually transfer onto my fingers a big as I inspect the cigar. The cigar’s wrapper is very dense, thick, and hard while the cigar as a whole is packed very tightly as it’s completely firm with no soft spots whatsoever. There are only a few smaller veins found running up the cigar’s slim body leading up to a very round double cap. The cigar is polished off with an elegant black and silver band with TLD, which stands for Todos Las Dias of course, embossed on the front and a smaller secondary foot band that carries the words “Todos Las Dias” across the front.

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Todos Las Dias

The Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Todos Las Dias’ wrapper gives off some subtle sweetness and spice while the foot of the cigar carries much more spice, pepper, with a bit of oak. The cigar’s cap cut clean and easily using my Xikar XO double bladed cutter. The cold draw produces a whole mess of sweetness, spice and oak.

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Todos Las Dias

First Third:

The Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Todos Las Dias starts out with a quick blast of black pepper which quickly fades to reveal a good mixture of sweetness, oak, vanilla, spice, and dark chocolate. The draw is absolutely perfect. Each tiny little puff on the cigar kicks out a massive cloud of thick, white smoke which hangs around for a pretty long time before dissipating while the cigar pours out smoke like a chimney as it rests in my ashtray. The burn line is dead even and razor thin leaving behind a trail of very tightly compacted medium gray ash which held on for almost an inch before falling into my ashtray.

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Todos Las Dias

Second Third:

Into the second third of The Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Todos Las Dias and I am loving this flavor profile. The oak and dark chocolate lead the charge backed by sweetness, brown sugar, musk, black cherry, and a good mixture of spice. The retrohale brings out a lot more of that spice and even a bit of the pepper that I picked up on my first few puffs on the cigar. The burn line is still flawless and I close out the second third with only a very minor hint of nicotine.

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Todos Las Dias


I venture into the final third of The Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Todos Las Dias wishing that it wasn’t so close to being over. The flavor profile in this cigar is amazing. The oak and dark chocolate are still the center of attention while vanilla, sweet brown sugar, musk, and a just a bit of berry back them up. The burn line has been dead even and razor thin the entire time. It never once required any touch up or relights while the cigar created absolutely no harshness or extra heat all they way down to the nub. For such a small cigar it took a long time to smoke clocking in at just a hair under 2 hours.

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Todos Las Dias


As if it wasn’t already evident the Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust hit it out of the park once again with the Todos Las Dias. This is an exceptional cigar with good construction, balance, and complexities all at a great price point. I always expect a lot when it comes to Steve Saka’s cigars, and seldom and I ever let down. This is box worthy for sure, especially since they come packaged in boxes of 10 which I wish more manufacturers would do. The Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Todos Las Dias will please the seasoned cigar smoker while its a great jumping off point for those novice smokers looking to get into more premium cigars.

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Todos Las Dias


The first time I smoked The Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Todos Las Dias I knew that I wanted to pair with with Prairie Artisan Ale’s Barrel Aged Bible Belt. Coming in at 13% ABV this imperial stout is basically Prairie’s standard Bible Belt aged in whiskey barrels. The beer leads with oaky barrel goodness, sickiness, malt, vanilla, cocoa, and brown sugar with a very heavy mouthfeel before finishing with more booze, a bit of whiskey, cocoa, and malt. As the beer warms the cocoa and whiskey really take over. This was an amazing pairing. The vanilla, chocolate, barrel, and brown sugar went perfectly along side The Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Todos Las Dias. Both the cigar and beer were full-bodied and neither overpowered each other which says a lot for the cigar as the Bible Belt can really run over most cigars.

Prairie Artisan Ales Barrel Aged Bible Belt

Contest Winner:

Again, we can’t thank Fox Cigar Bar enough. They have been huge supporters of Casas Fumando since day one and continue to back us up as well as reward our readers. This week’s contest goes out to…

Tom Pinkowski

Congrats! Please send your address to me at [email protected] And those of you who didn’t win, stayed tuned. We already have planned many more giveaways with Fox Cigar Bar. Also, keep up with our reviews here as we will be partnered up with them to give you guys straight access on how to get many of these newer/rarer cigars directly from them.

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